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Banut 400
Bauer BG-30, BG-26, BG-22, BG-15H, BG-9, BG7
Bayshore Lodril LLM80, LMFB60, LLM40, HT40, DH40, LM30, LLM30
Brand TM Model M150, M16
Calweld ADL
Casagrande C-800, B220, B180, B170,B125, N105, B80   
CLO CD-60R, CD-60T
CMV   TH 15/50, TH19/75
Delmag RH14/13, RH25
Hans England
Highway FD60, FD50 
Hughes-Williams  LLDH120, (C)LDH-100, LDH-80, LDH-70, LDH-65T, LDH-60T, LDH-55, LDH-50(TAP), LDH-45, LDH40, 40, AM35, MF35, MF30, LDH-30, EZ-220, EZ-120 
IMT AF-280, AF-250, AF220, F180, AF125, AF120, AF110, AF100, AF80, AF18, AF12, AF10, AF6, 802
Lodril  LLM80, LMFB60, LLM40, HT40, DH40, LM30, LLM30
MAIT   HR150,HR110, HR100, T/9
P.D.I.  5020, 6035
Reach-All  DD140
Revdrill 35, 34HD
Soilmec  R-618, R-518, 516, R-515, R412HD, R312 (HD),  R-16, R-15,R-12, R-10,  RT3S
Sterling HDH, B7, CT7

Stratadyne 2000
Terra Drill
Tescar CF10, CF4, CF3
TexomaTaurus XL, Taurus, Economatic, Bronto 6400, 900, 700, 600, 500, 330, 270, 254 
Watson 3000, 2500, 2000, EDT-7


TEXOMA BRONTO  (Ref#14001)  Manufactured 1973, new Allison tansmission (60 hours), 6BTA Cummins deck engine, track mounted on John Deere 690, 30” wide tracks, 4” kelly, 35’ drilling depth, new barrel and boom, excellent condition  Off Market


TEXOMA BRONTO ARTIC 35 DRILL RIG  (Ref#15451N)  mounted on Ford 9000 truck with Cat 3208 diesel engine 5 x 4 transmission, Detroit diesel deck engine, 35’ depth, 4” wet Kelly, good working condition, new paint  Price:  $75,000


TEXOMA BRONTO  (Ref#447R)  Manufactured 1988, 35’ drill depth, 36,000# torque, 56,000# crowd force, 24,000# hoist force, mounted on 1988 Kenworth truck  Price:  $50,000


TEXOMA SUPER DUTY ECONOMATIC  (Ref#6332R)   Mounted on 1994 International 4 x 4 truck 4800 Series, 33,200 GVW, front axle 12,000, rear axle 21,200, 117,000 miles, new tires, 19,000# down pressure, 20’ digging depth, 24” dia rock auger, pole setting winch, pole aligner clamp, all hydraulic, runs and operates great  Price:  $65,000


TEXOMA ECONOMATIC (Ref#4326RA) mounted on 1988 International, 12’ depth capacity  Price on request


ECONOMATIC  (Ref#6039N)  Manufactured 1972, mounted on 1972 Chevy C60 truck, 6 cylinder Ford gas deck engine, 427 gas engine in carrier, (2) towers: (1) 20’ digger, (1) 10’ digger, no auger  Price:  $30,000


TEXOMA 900T  (Ref#2934N)  Manufactured 1992, 3 bar kelly for 90’ drill depth, powered by Cummins 6BT diesel engine, 105, ft/lb trorque, 25,000# hoist, 30” extendable 360 degree rotating table, 15’8” crawlers and 30” TBG pads, good condition, good undercarriage  Price:  $295,000  Price Reduced:  $275,000 PRICE REDUCED:  $190,000

Extra mast for auger cast available


TEXOMA 800T  (Ref#15300)  Manufactured 1998, 3256 hours, Cummins 6BT diesel engine (rebuilt) , Clark 28000 transmission, 189 rpm kelly bar, 65,000 lb/ft torque, 90’ (27.4m) 8” x 5-1/2” x 4” kelly bar:  4” solid square inner bar, 8” square x 5/8” wall steel, 4” stub, 12 ton inner swivel, rotary clearance:  105” H, 48” swing diameter clearance, 24” fore and aft steel slide pads, hydraulic system:  fixed displacement gear pumps drive a series of open-loop hydraulic circuits, 131 gal/min pump capacity Commercial pump, right angle drive, ring gear and pinion final drive, 18” x 18-1/4” x 457” derrick, 360 degree turntable, 10,000# service winch, Pullmaster H-25 25,000# inner kelly winch, ¾” dia wire rope service winch, mounted on crawler   Price:  $375,000


TEXOMA MAGNUM XLT  (Ref#2969R)  Two available.  90’ drill depth, 12” outer bar, 10” inner bar (capab le of triple bar setup if desired), 130,000 GVWR overall weight. 

Rig one:  complete overhaul in 2010 @ 9364 hours including complete hydraulic system overhaul, cylinders, swing motor, electrical overhaul, rotary and right angle drive.  Engine replaced 2007 at 6888 hours.  Current hours 10,657 (October 2014).

Rig two:  complete overhaul in 2010 @ 9659 hours, engine is original.  Current hours 10,266 (October 2014).

Price per unit:  $375,000


TEXOMA 700  (Ref#10613Ra)  Manufactured 1997, approx. 4500 hours, track mounted, 60’ depth (4” inner bar, 4” inner/5.25” outer kelly bar), Cummins engine, main winch, kelly winch, recently serviced  Price:  $215,000  PRICE REDUCED TO:  $185,000


TEXOMA 700 (Ref#1063R) Manufactured 1987, fully refurbished 2011, extended mast, 80’ depth capacity, mounted on 2007 Western Star (tri-drive twin steer) with 475hp engine, 18 speed trans, operator’s cab  Price on request


TEXOMA 700T (Ref#10044RA) Manufactured 1984, track mounted with Detroit 4V53 engine, 1074 hours, 60’ digging depth  Off Market


TEXOMA 600T  (Ref#5326R)  38’ depth capacity, mounted on 1998 Mack truck, good condition, currently drilling  Price:  $145,000


TEXOMA 600  (Ref#15240)  Manufactured 1995, 35’ digging depth, 3” square solid steel kelly bar, Hoist force 121,600# capacity, Crowd force 25,700# capacity, 41,000 ft/lb torque, Cummins 4 BTA diesel engine, 12 volt electrical system, Funk 2 speed gear box w/torque converter, 4 speed forward and reverse, 240 degree rotation turntable, base frame 120” cab to axle length, 36” main frame travel (hydrauic slide), outriggers: rear-straight down (hydraulic), front out and down (hydraulic), 10,000# capacity service winch (5500 lb line pull), mast level 10 degrees over center angle, 5 degrees left and right side angle, 50 gallon capacity fuel tank, 200 gallon capacity water tank, operator’s console with full gauges, 4 way adjustable seat, foot throttle keyed ignition, access steps, grab handles  Price:  $140,000


TEXOMA 600 (HIGH BACK) (Ref#8352R)  Manufactured 1984, 35’ drill depth, 3” kelly bar, 453 Detroit diesel engine (rebuilt head,new pistons and liners, new rod and main bearings, seals), Allison 3331-3 transmission, 4 outriggers, full turntable, Gearmatic winch, water tank, mounted on 3 axle Mack truck with Mack 285 hp engine, 6 speed Mack transmission, good tires  Price:  $85,000


TEXOMA 600  (Ref#4561R) Manufactured mid 1980’s, Detroit 453 deck engine, Funk 1200 transmission, 35’ mast, 3” kelly, 20-25’ depth capacity, mounted on 1993 International truck with diesel engine, rebuild funk transmission 2007, rebuild Detroit engine 2008, new torque converter 2009, new main hydraulic pump 2009, rebuild final drive assy 2010    Price:  $85,000      PRICE REDUCED:  $75,000


TEXOMA 600-30  (Ref#8158N)  32’ drill depth, 39,000 ft/lb torque, Funk 1200 trans, 453 Detroit diesel engine, 1981 3 axle Mack truck, 4 outriggers, large water tank, aux winch, toolbox, well maintained  Price:  $100,000 


TEXOMA 500 (Ref#8664N) Late 1960’s, Ford gas deck engine, mounted on 1994 Freightliner, 3” Kelly, 20’ depth capacity, no tools or augers available  Price:  $80,000


TEXOMA 500 (Ref#14996R) Detroit 453 deck engine, mounted on late ‘70’s Ford 9000 with Cummins engine, 39’ x 3” Kelly, auto trans, good condition  Price:  $85,000


TEXOMA 500 (Ref#10583R) mid ‘70’s rig. Detroit deck engine, mounted on 1999 International tandem axle truck with DT466 engine, truck engine rebuilt 15,000 miles ago, rebuilt valve bank and controls, solid Kelly, 25’ depth capacity  Price:  $40,000


TEXOMA 500  (Ref#15322N)  mounted on 1975 Ford truck with diesel engine, Ford V8 gas deck engine, 4 leveling jacks, 28’ Kelly bar, rebuilt valve bank, new hydraulic lines, new water tank  Price:  $50,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $27,000


TEXOMA 500  (Ref#5006Nb)  Manufactured 1970’s, 25’ drill depth, 4 outriggers, Ford Industrial gas deck engine with Funk 12,000 transmission, mounted on 1993 International 4700 3 axle truck  Price:  $60,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $55,000


TEXOMA 500-20  (Ref#7986N)  Manufactured 1985, 26’ Kelly bar 3, rotating and extendable table with winch, 3.9L Cummins engine,3,075 hours, mounted on GMC general with 14.0L Cummins, approx 170,000 miles  Price$90,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $75,000


TEXOMA 500 (Ref#8670R) Ford V8 gas deck engine, mounted on 1994 Freightliner tandem axle truck, Detroit engine, air brakes, 20’ depth capacity, 3” Kelly, no tools or augers available  Price:  $60,000



(1) TEXOMA 500 DRILL RIG  Manufactured 1972, 40’ drill depth, Ford gas Industrial deck engine, mounted on 1990 International truck with diesel engine, 4 hydraulic jacks, turntable, needs Funk transmission (which is on parts rig)

(1) TEXOMA 500 DRILL RIG   Good for parts, 30’ kelly, turntable, 4 hydraulic jacks, Funk transmission, mounted on 3 axle diesel truck (not operational)

Price for both rigs:  $57,000


TEXOMA 500  (Ref#753N)  Manufactured early 1970’s, 453 Detroit diesel deck engine, 40’ kelly bar, 270 degree turntable, 4 levelng jacks, rig will be removed from truck (truck is not operational)  Price:  $29,500  OFF MARKET


TEXOMA 330  (Ref#14639)  Manufactured 1985, low hours, mounted on 1985 White GMC autocar dual axle truck with Cummins LTA10 (300hp) and 8 speed Fuller manual with 46,000 miles , Ford gas deck engine and 4 speed manual transmission, 3” Kelly, 20’ depth capacity, hydraulic tamper, has 5’, 4’, 3’, 2’ 1’ augers, original owner rig and maintained very well Price:  $140,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $95,000


TEXOMA 330 (Ref#8665N) diesel deck engine, mounted on Freightliner with diesel engine, 20’ depth capacity  Price:  $50,000


TEXOMA 330-22 (Ref#1367RA) unmounted, V8 gas engine  Price:  $25,000


TEXOMA 330  (Ref#7084Na)  Year 1965  Price:  $15,000

TEXOMA 270  (Ref#7084Nb)  Year 1961  Price:  $15,000

(2) containers of parts



TEXOMA 270  (Ref#1487Na)  Manufactured 1996, mounted on 2001 International tandem axle truck, Detroit 353 deck engine (engine rebuilt 0 hours since rebuild), 20’ Kelly, hydrastatic drive, rear outriggers, 200 gallon tank, good running condition  Price:  $65,000


TEXOMA 270  (Ref#5326Rb)  21’ depth capacity, mounted on 1986 Mack truck, good condition, working daily  Price:  $45,000


TEXOMA 270  (Ref#1487Nb)  Manufactured 1981, mounted on 1990 Ford truck, Detroit deck engine (rebuilt with 0 hours), 20’ Kelly, hydrostatic drive, 200 gallon tank, rear outriggers, good running condition  Price:  $45,000


TEXOMA 270 (Ref#8354Nb) Manufactured 1980’s, Detroit 353 deck engine, mounted on 1995 Freightliner FL70 with 8.3 Cummins engine, wiggle tail, 2 ½” Kelly, aux winch  Price:  $38,500



TEXOMA 270  (Ref#1487Nc)  Manufactured 1974, unmounted, 353 Detroit deck engine (rebuilt 0 hours), 20’ Kelly, hydrostatic drive, 100 gallon tank, good running condition  Price:  $36,000


TEXOMA 270 (Ref#13305R) Manufactured late 1970’s, 4 cyl Detroit diesel deck engine, Funk trans, mounted on 1990 International with DT466 engine, 20’ depth capacity  Price:  $30,000


TEXOMA 270  (Ref#6772N)  12’ digging depth, 19,000# down pressure, mounted on 1983 GMC with 366 has, 83,000 miles (runs great), 24” diameter rock auger, hydraulic pole setting extender and pole clamp, 5,000# hoist, hyd front winch, new tires  Price$26,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $15,000


TEXOMA 270-10 (Ref#1367RB) 6 cyl Ford gas deck engine, mounted on 1991 GMC Topkcik with gas engine, turtable, 2 ½” Kelly, pole group, 2 outriggers, good tires, 3 bits  Price:  $22,500


TEXOMA 254-9 (Ref#1367RC) 6 cyl Ford gas deck engine, mounted on 1984 Ford L8000 with Cat 3208 engine, air brakes,rotating extendable table, 2” x 13’ Kelly bar, pole claws, extendable pole setter, wire reel, Ramsey winch  Price:  $18,500


TEXOMA 254  (Ref#14994R)  Manufactured 1978, Ford 300 6 cyl Industrial gas deck engine, 2-1/2” kelly, 28’ depth capacity, mounted on late 1991 Chevy Kodiak truck with 366 gas engine, 5 speed and 2 speed axle  Price:  $40,000


TEXOMA 254  (Ref#6416N)  unmounted, Ford gas industrial deck engine, 10’ drill depth, 2-1/4” kelly bar  Price:  $29,500


TEXOMA 254 (Ref#8354Na) Ford 6 cylinder gas deck engine, mounted on GMC with diesel engine, full 360 degree turntable, aux winch, water tank, 2 rear leveling jacks  Price:  $35,000


TEXOMA 254  (Ref#14990)  Manufactured 1974, Ford 300 6 cylinder gas engine on deck, 21’ drill depth, 2-1/4” kelly, full turntable, water tank, good paint, 2 outriggers in rear, rig is in excellent shape, unmounted  Price:  $25,000


TEXOMA 254  (Ref#9223N)  mounted on 1970 GMC truck, gas engine, 24’ drill depth, rig needs minor work  Price$17,000  PRICE REDUCED TO $9,500


TEXOMA 254 (Ref#4326RC) mounted on International  Price on request


254-9 TOPHEAD/AUGER DRILL   (Ref#9072R)  Manufactured 1979, skid mounted, 153 hours, all hydraulic, 9’ stroke, Model 254-9, horizontal and vertical, 9’ x 24”, 9’ kelly, 18,000 – 20,000 ft/lb torque, Ford 6 cylinder Industrial gas motor  Price:  $15,000


H & T 300  (Ref#3513R)  21’ drill depth, Cummins diesel deck engine (rebuilt 2011), mounted on 1990 Kodiak Chevrolet truck with diesel engine  Price:  $73,000


SPIRADRILL 33-30  (Ref#4967N)  Manufactured 1991, track mounted, 453 Detroit diesel, new transmission, rebuilt winch, PTO drive (rebuilt), no tools, good running condition  POR – OFF MARKET


SPIRADRILL 32-30 (Ref #12120R) Manufacutred 1992, double Kelly bar, (60’ length), mounted on tracks, Detroit diesel engine with Allison transmission, very well maintained and ready to work.  Price: $110,000


HIGHWAY FD50 (Ref#7770R) Manufactured 2007, track mounted, freshly refurbished, located Canada  Price:  $350,000  (CAD)


HIGHWAY DIGGER  (Ref#7021R)  mounted on 1980 Ford F700 truck with rebuilt Cat 3208 diesel engine, 5 speed transmission, extending and rotating table, winch, Continental 6 cylinder gas engine on deck, 8 augers  Price:  $18,000


HIGHWAY DIGGER (Ref#4326RB) mounted on International, 18’ depth capacity  Price on request


HIGHWAY DIGGER  (Ref#9941RA)  International truck Price:  $23,000


HIGHWAY DIGGER (Ref#4326RD) mounted on 1 ton truck  Price on request


WATSON 3100 (Ref#14848R)  Manufactured in 1993, 110’ drill depth, Cummins 6 cyl diesel engine, Clark power shift transmission, 56'L x 12' x 12' 6" height, 48 ton weight, approx 18,000 overall hours, overhaul included cummins 6 cylinder installed, rebuilt transmission, installed updated clutch kit, overhauled hydraulic rotary, swivel rebuilt, top kelly guide swivel rebuilt, replaced swing bearing, travel brakes replaced, replaced and repaired lacing on mast, rebuilt angle drive, replaced Brownie drive on transmission.  Rig well maintained by large contractor and no longer needed  Price:  $325,000


WATSON 3000  (Ref#10123R)  Manufaqctured 1989, 70’ drill depth (8”/6” kelly bar), Detroit 6V52 diesel engine, Allison CRT 3531-3 transmission, 5-side leveling car body, rebuilt transmission, new bearings and seals in rotary drive, rebuilt main winch, 70% undercarriage, ready to work  Price:  $270,000


WATSON 3100  (Ref#14054R)  Manufactured 1989, Cummins deck engine, mounted on 1989 Tor 4-axle carrier with Cummins engine, 80’ drill depth, 8” outer bar, 6” inner bar, 113,000# torque, good working condition  Price:  $295,000


WATSON 3000  (Ref#7060Rb)  Manufactured 1987, track mounted, 70’ drill depth, 75,000# overall weight, 94,000# torque, 48,000# crowd force, new engine, new transmission, new right angle drive  Price:  $250,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $200,000


WATSON 2500 DRILL RIG  (Ref#8790R)  Manufactured 2003, track mounted, 90’ drill depth (8” outer, 5”middle, 4-1/4” solid inner), Cummins 8.3L diesel deck engine (replaced new 2006), Allison CRT3531-3 transmission (rebuilt July 2011)

PRICE:  385,000


WATSON 2500  (Ref#11543R)  Manufactured 1999, 8.3 Cummins engine, track mounted, 60’ depth capacity, 52’ mast, 6 x 8 kelly, 18,000# service winch, one owner rig, stored inside, 8900 hours Price:  $260,000


WATSON 2500  (Ref#7845)  Manufactured 1991, crawler mounted, expandable tracks, 60' depth capacity, 2 piece kelly, Detroit diesel engine, new engine, new radiators, 200 hours on engine and transmission, 70,000#  Price$320,000   OFF MARKET


WATSON 2500  (Ref#8709R)  Manufactured 1988, approx. 8800 hours (1/14), 471 Deroit diesel egine, 2 pc kelly bar (drills 60’ with this arrangement), crawler mounted with hydraulic extendable side frames, includes 10 augers (12” – 38”), 7 core barrels (18” – 41”) and (2) clean out buckets  Price:  $270,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $225,000


WATSON 2000  (Ref#617N)  Manufactured 1979, 60’ drill depth, 56,000 lb torque, 26,000# crowd, mounted on 1995 Western Star truck, 453 Detroit diesel engine, double kelly bar, running condition, new hydraulic cylinders and deck platform   Price:  $200,000


WATSON 1500  (Ref#11136R)  Manufactured 1988, track munted, similar to Model 2500, undercarriage 75%, 45’ drill depth, 4-1/4” kelly bar, good condition, currently drilling  Price:  $210,000


WATSON 1100 DRILL  (Ref#5438Rb)  Manufactured 2005, new final drive, new flex clutch, mounted on 1998 Freightliner, complete in frame engine rebuilt, new clutch installed, new tires  OFF MARKET


WATSON 1100  (Ref#11236R)  Manufactured 2008, 35’ Kelly bar (6” heavy square hollow bar with air inlet to use down-the-hole hammer), John Deere 4045H diesel deck engine, 40,600# torque, Kelly controlled by hydraulic cylinder, 15,000# crowd force, 11,000# hoist force, 12,000# Pullmaster M12 service winch, mounted on 2008 KenworthT800 truck with Cat C13 (430 hp) diesel engine, approx. 35,000 miles, approx. 1750 hours,   Price:  $450,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $275,000


WATSON 800  (Ref#6097R)  Manufactured 1970’s, John Deere 4 cylinder diesel deck engine, hydrostatic drive, 20’ drill depth, 4’ diameter, 2 hydraulic motors on rotary table, swing out, mounted on International 4300 truck with 290 Cummins diesel engine, 13 speed, complete with augers from 18” – 54”.  Price for all $50,000


STRATADYNE 2000  (Similar design as Watson 2000)  (Ref#575R)  fixed hydraulic rotary head, 60’ drill depth, 15 ton/m, 600mm – 2,000mm diameter, mounted on International truck, recently rebuilt, new paint  Price:  $165,000


LARGE DIAMETER REVERSE AIR DRILL RIG PACKAGE  (Ref#6328R)  Drills 405’ with 26” bit,, 200’ with 36” bit

HD Engineering HD325P RC drill on tracks, less than 4,000 hours, Cat C7 engine, 90,000# overall weight, 44,000# torque, 12,000# main winch, 5,000# aux winch

Includes the following:

RC dual wall pipe (10-3/4” outer, 6” inner): 18 jts of 20’, 1 jt of 15’

Standard drill pipe (28 joints – 30’ each)

20’ x 24” stabilizer

Numa 210 hammer

(2) RC 210 – 26” drill bits (1,000 hours)

(1) RC 210 – 21” drill bit (new)

Numa 300 hammer

RC 300 (36”) drill bit (4 hours)

(4) air compressors mounted on 45’ trailer:  (2) Doosan 1170/350 with 19,645 hours (rebuilt at 19,000 hours) and 18,500 hours (rebuilt at 18,000 hours) and (2) Doosan 1070/350 (4900 and 4,800 hours), plus air manifold to support 4 compressors

Loadsafe/pipe handler (new)

Many extras including:  30” and 20” diverters, 25 gpm Bean pump, 5 gpm Bean pump, 4-1/2” DP slip, 6” DC slip, RC crossover, standard stinger, crossover subs, 4 standard roughtneck jaws, 36” hole reamer, hoses, flowlines, wrenches, drill stands and more

Price for all:  $2,050,000



SOILMEC R-625  (Ref#775N34)  Manufactured 2009, approx. 7,000 hours, 4 x 11.5m locking kelly bar.  Price:  €500,000 EURO


SOILMEC R518  (Ref#14035Ra)  Manufactured 2000, 126,000# (172 kNm) torque, 125,000# overall weight, 60m drill depth, 5-section friction bar, located Asia  Price:  $195,000


SOILMEC 518  (Ref#12958R)  Manufactured 1998, approx. 16,000 hours, Cat diesel engine, located USA  Price:  $265,000


SOILMEC R516  (Ref#775N45)  Manufactured 2005, approx. 8,500 hours, power module Caterpillar, Cat 3126ATAAC diesel engine, Caterpillar hydraulic pumps, max power 230 kw rated power 187 kw, 160 kNm rotary head torque, max drilling speed 30 rpm, main winch 170 kN, service winch 75kN, crowd piston stroke 5100mm, friction kelly 5 x 13m, max depth 60m, working weight 55,000kg  Price:  €285,000 (Euros)


SOILMEC R516  (Ref#775N44)  Manufactured 2001, approx. 11,000 hours (as of June 2014), Cummins 6 CTAA diesel engine 220 kW at 2300 rpm, width with retracted tracks 2500mm, width with extended tracks 3900mm, rotary head: max torque 154 kNm, kelly bar friction 55m, 5 elements, max depth 58m, max diameter mm 2000mm, main winch 170 kN, aux winch 75 kN, pulldown max extraction force 165 kN, max crowd 60/122 kN, str9oke 5100mm, operating weight 50-55000 kg  Price:  €250,000 (Euros)


SOILMEC 516  (Ref#10503N)  Manufactured 2000, approx. 8000 hours, 120’ depth, 4 section interlocking kelly bar, crawler mounted with Cummins diesel engine (rebuilt with less than 1000 hours), 120,000# torque   Price:  $405,000


SOILMEC R412  (Ref#775Nww)  Manufactured 1995, <11,000 hours, mounted on Cat 325B base, 46,000 kg working weight, 4 x 9 locking bar  Price €185,000 Euros  PRICE REDUCED:  €145,000 (Euros)


SOILMEC SF70  (Ref#15800P25)  CFA piling rig, manufactured 2007, approx. 8200 hours, 48 ton weight and accessories, expandable undercarriage – 2.5m – 3.9m with 700mm wide track pads, Cat C7 (224 kw), 17 ton main winch, 7.5 ton aux winch, 16 ton torque, 27m max depth, 1000mm diameter, 6m kelly extension, Jean Lutz instrumentation  Price:  270,000 UK Pounds


SOILMEC SR50 (Ref#775N48)  Year 2009, 5,200 hours, 4x11.5m locking bar   Price:  €400,000 EUR.


SOILMEC SR50  (Ref#14047R)  Manufactured 2006, 4 x 11 interlocking kelly bar, approx. 11,000 hours, 2m diameter, Cat C7 deck engine, 162 Kn crowd pulldown, 222Kn pullup, 54 ton operating weight, 41-47 ton transport weight  Price:  $475,000


SOILMEC CM50  (Ref#775N55)  Manufactured 2006, approx. 5,500 hours, new Geomisure computer and monitoring system, new paint  Price€260,000 (Euros)


SOILMEC CM50  (Ref#15800P27)  Manufactured 2005, self erecting CFA rig, 86 knm torque, 25m drill depth (with 6m extension), 900mm diameter, Cummins QSB 5.9C diesel engine, 4” pipe work, 600mm gates, auger cleaner, no augers or auger guides, 6m kelly extension, pulldown winch, approx. 67000 hours, new paint  Price:  £180,000 UK Pounds


SOILMEC CM46  (Ref#775N54)  Year 1987, 17m depth x 750mm diameter, CFA rig  Price€85,000 (Euros)


SOILMEC SR40  (Ref#10561Ra)  Manufactured 2009, 4 x 10 locking bar, approx. 6500 hours, located Asia  Price:  $395,000


SOILMEC SR40  (Ref#10561Rd)  Manufactured 2007, approx. 5,000 hours, 45 ton operating weight, 4 x 10.5m interlocking kelly bar, 161 knm torque, Cat C7 acert engine, mounted on Cat 325D, location Asia  Price:  $500,000


SOILMEC STM30  (Ref#7191N)  Manufactured 2010, mounted on Astra 8 x 6 truck, includes 2 kelly bars, 54m and 42m length, 10,000 Euros worth of spare parts with rig, Cummins QSB 6.7 engine, 130 knm torque  Price:  €430,000 (Euros)  PRICE REDUCED:  €350,000 (Euros)


SOILMEC SR30 (Ref #775N46), manufactured 2012, Approx. 3,000 hours, 4x11m interlocking Kelly bar  Price: 350,000 EUR


SOILMEC SR30 (Ref#775Naaa)  Year 2008, approx. 4,200 hours, 4x10.5m locking kelly bar, will be delivered in rotary mode (CFA kit not included), excellent condition  Price: 325,000 EUR  PRICE REDUCED:  €310,000 EUROS


SOILMEC SR30 (Ref #15800P28), Year 2008, Approx. 6,000 hours, 4x9m Kelly bar, new paint and rig just serviced. Price: $260,000 UK pounds.


SOILMEC SR30 (Ref #775N53) Manufactured 2010, approx. 2,600 hours as of December 22, 2014, complete with following kits to drill in 3 different modules:

Bored piles kit with locking 4 x 10.5 kelly bar

CFA kit with Soilmec computer

Diaphragm wall kit with brand new 600mm grab

Price: €385,000 EUR


SOILMEC SR30 CFA KIT  (Ref#775N29)  Consists of:  cathead extension, rotary head reduction, swan neck, swivel, mast foot, concrete pressure transducer, 13m x 900mm auger string, 6m x 500mm auger string, 4m x 600mm auger string  Price:  €45,000 (Euros)


SOILMEC STM20  (Ref#9409R)  Manufactured 2011, 5 x 7m locking Kelly bar, Cummins diesel engine, mounted on 2011 Peterbilt 367 with 14,000 miles  Price:  $650,000 PRICE REDUCED:  $525,000


SOILMEC SM14  (Ref#775N57)  Manufactured 2009, 6m long stroke mast, approx. 1000 hours, 2 rod carousel  Price€135,000 (Euros)


SOILMEC R 312/200 (ref#775N56) manufactured 2003, approx 9,000 hours, CUMMINS QSB 5.9 diesel engine, New slew ring (“0” hours since repair), interlocking Kelly bar 4 x 10.5m, very good condition  Price: 220,000 EUR  PRICE REDUCED:  €195,000


SOILMEC 312HD (Ref #10063R), Manufactured 1999, 4x9 locking bar, location USA. Price on Request


SOILMEC R210  (Ref#775Neee)  Manufactured 2008, only 2300 hours, 4 x 9 locking bar  PRICE:  275,000 EUROS


SOILMEC R208  (Ref#775Njj)  Manufactured 1999, Deutz BF4M1013C diesel engine, (1) kelly bar 4 x 9.5m  Price:  €175,000 (Euros) 


SOILMEC T-108  (Ref#13193R)  Manufactured 2000, 80’ locking kelly bar, mounted on 2001 Volvo truck with 74,000 miles  Price:  $350,000


SOILMEC R-10 PILING RIG   (Ref#775Nmmm)  Manufactured 1990, on CAT base 225, w/h 12,500, No. 01 interlocking kelly bar 4 x 10.50m, engine and pumps reconditioned, new hydraulic hoses, new crawler rollers.

Price:  150,000 EUR


REACH-ALL DD 140 HYDRAULIC AUGER DRILL  (Ref#3808N)  mounted on 1987 International S1900 truck powered by DT466 diesel engine, 5 and 2 speed RR transmission, working height 76’, 26’ depth, 36” 24” and 18” augers, sliding Kelly bar extensions, 2-speed  hydraulic rotary head , 12,000 ft/lbs torque in high range 18,000 ft/lb torque in low range, (3) winches (one deck, one front and one rear), will lift 15,000 lbs  Price:  $39,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $26,000


BAUER BG50 (Ref#4091RA) Manufactured 2010, approx. 6,000 hours, 60m kelly bar type 559/3/60, 60 ton main winch, 115' overall height, BG50 Rotary head with 355,000# torque, base carrier UW 180 (44" wide track shoes, 23'5" length), CAT C18 Tier III diesel engine (upgraded to 1,000HP), 74,800#/766,000# push pull, 4m mast extension, oscillator attachment, B-Tronic touch screen, 500,000# overall weight  Price on request


BAUER BG40 ("SUPER VERSION") (Ref#4091RB), manufactured 2006, approx 6,700 hours, 92' mast height, 293,000# torque, CAT C15 (580HP) diesel engine, 40m kelly bar, approx 315,000# overall weight, options include 40 ton winch, 3m mast extension, UW130 undercarriage (21'1" Length) Price on request


BAUER BG40V  (Ref#8428Re)  Manufactured 2005, Sennebogen BS-100 base carrier, UW130 undercarriage, 10,500 hours, Cat engine, 30 ton winch, crowd winch, 4m mast extension, hydraulic system for oscillator attachment, BK40/470mm/3/36m kelly bar  Price:  €695,000 (Euros)


BAUER BG28H (Ref#7198R) Manufactured 2012, (less than 1000 hours), Cat C15 engine, kelly bar type BK28/419/3/036, oscillator attachment for BV2000, upgrade to undercarriage UW110, pre-equipped with casing drive adapter, rotary drive KDK275 S (multi-geared), located USA  Price:  $1,400,000 like new condition 


BAUER BG24H  (Ref#6219N)  Manufactured 2007, 1917 hours,

Mounted on BS 70 Carrier with upgraded heavy duty UW 80 undercarriage with extendable 700mm crawlers

Cat C9 engine 350 hp tier III.

2 speed rotary 172,000 ft/lbs @ 27 rpm, 78000 ft/lbs @59 rpm

45,000 lb. main winch w/ free fall, 18,000 lb. aux

Crowd 55,000 lb. push 74,000 lb. pull 

Depth measurement on main and crowd winch

Removable Hydraulic mast support foot and standard CFA insert with concrete swivel and auger guide.

Rotary spreader beam for 2 parting main line in CFA mode for 160,000 lb. total extraction force .

2 Meter mast extension

5 inch concrete piping up the side of mast 

CFA  Setup does 55ft single pass

CFA extension for 80ft  CFA piles

Drill axis extension kit to clear 8ft casing in front of mast w/ extra counterweight

3 part locking kelly, drilling depth 107 ft, 8 in (200mm) kelly box

Full B tronic touch screen display set up for kelly and CFA monitoring w/ auto mast centering system.

Central lubrication system

Built in 12 bar hydraulically powered air compressor

10ft spare parts container with extra crowd and aux winch cable.

Heavy duty 10 inch stem CFA augers on request

Price:  $1,100,000


BAUER BG22C  (Ref#14035Rc)  Manufactured 2002, approx. 11,000 hours, mounted on BS50 carrier, located Asia  Price:  $355,000


BAUER BG22C  (Ref#9112Ra)  Manufactured 2001, approx. 12,000 hours, 4/10m Kelly bar, located China  Price:  €185,000 (Euros)


BAUER BG20H  (Ref#1951N)  Manufactured 2010, approx 6000 hours, 4/44m kelly bar, BH60 extendable undercarriage, Cummins deck engine  Price €700,000 (Euros)  PRICE REDUCED:  €450,000 (Euros)


BAUER BG20H  (Ref#775N7a)  Manufactured 2006, apporx 4800 hours, complete with (2) 4 x 12m locking Kelly bars, (1) CFA kit + SSM (Soilmix)  Price:  €510,000 (Euros)


BAUER BG20H  (Ref#775N7b)  Manufactured 2006, approx. 5400 hours, complete with (1) 4 x 12m locking Kelly bar, (1) CFA kit + SSM (Soilmix)  Price:  €490,000 (Euros)


BAUER RTG20S  (Ref#2217R)  Manufactyured 2008, approx. 2000 hours, complete with KDK 200 rotary attachment and M125V vibrator  Price:  $825,000


BAUER BG18  (Ref#1099Ra)  Manufactured 2008, approx. 4000 hours, KDK, 178D rotary, mounted on BT50 carrier, Kelly bar type 20/368/3/27, Cat C7 engine, location USA  Price:  $725,000


BAUER BG18H  (Ref#10613Rc)  Manufactured 2001, approx. 8700 hours (Jan 2015), BK200/368/3/27 kelly bar  Price:  $325,000


BAUER BG15H  (Ref#14056R)  Manufactured 2004, Cat 3126 DITA diesel engines (187 kw), mounted on Cat 325C carrier, approx. 16,400 hours, 3 staging locking Kelly bar BK16/368/3/27, 220/220 Kn pulldown crowd winch, 140 kN main winch, 55 kN aux winch, retractable undercarriage (3000mm – 4200mm), 145 kN torque  Price:  €210,000 (Euros)


BAUER BG-15  (Ref#10809R)  Manufactured 2003, 10,316 operating hours (Nov 2013), equipped to operate a casing oscillator, kelly bar 16/368/3/24, mounted on Cat 325C uppercarriage, VW60 undercarraige, Cat 3126B engine, 57 ton working weight 

Price:  $345,000 PRICE REDUCED:  $300,000


BAUER BG14 DRILLING PACKAGE (Ref#2213Na)  Manufactured 1988, mounted on O&K GT20 undercarriage, 68 ton operating weight, 140 kNm rotary torque (103,000 foot/pounds), KDK 140 rotary head, Deutz BF10L513 (276hp) engine, 150 kN main winch pulling force, 75 kN aux winch pulling force, free fall, cylinder pull down system (150 kN push/200 kN pull), mechanical and hydraulic connections for casing oscillator, fixed undercarriage.  Deck engine overhauled in 2012, new KDK rotary head

Also includes:

(2) Kelly bars (24m & 27m)

- BK14 / 343 / 3 / 27

- BK14/ 343 / 3 / 24

(1) BV 1502 casing oscillator

Price for all:  €325,000 EUR


BAUER BG-9  (Ref#8428Rb)  Manufactured 1994, KDK9 rotary head, 2/21m Kelly bar, 10 ton winch, crowd cylinder  Price:  €125,000 (EurosPRICE REDUCED:  €85,000 (Euros)


BAUER BG-9  (Ref#8428Rc)  Manufactured 1990  Price:  €65,000 (Euros) 


BAUER BG-7  (Ref#8428Rd)  Manufactured 1989  Price:  €69,500 (Euros)


SANY SR220C  (Ref#4151R)  Manufactured 2006, approx. 2500 hours (Dec 2014), 4 x 12.5 kelly bar, 250 kn (178,000#) torque, Cat C9 engine, 53,000# main winch, 25,000# aux winch, 65 ton overall weight  Price:  $480,000


CASAGRANDE B180  (Ref#775N19)  Year 2003, approx. diesel engine Cummins QSC 8.3 (300hp), rotary head torque 180 kNm, max drilling speed 34 rpm, main winch 200 kN, service winch 70 kN, crowd piston stroke 6000 mm, no. 01 interlocking Kelly bar 4 x 12m, No. 01 friction kelly bar 5 x 12m., total weight 60.000 kg   PRICE:  €255,000.00 EURO


CASAGRANDE B125  (Ref#775N20)  Year 2002, less than 7,000 hours, Cummins diesel engine, complete with interlocking kelly bar 4 x 11m, friction kelly bar 4 x 9m  PRICE: € 205,000 (EURO)


CASAGRANDE B125  (Ref#2091R)  Rotary/CFA drill, manufactured 2001, Cummins QSB 5.9 diesel engine, 112 knm torque, crowd cam, 4 x 9.5 friction kelly bar, includes 6m kelly extension and pole for CFA drilling  Price:  £140,000 UK Pounds


CASAGRANDE B-125  (Ref#775NLLL)  Manufactured 1999, approx. 9000 hours, 4 x 9 m locking kelly bar  Price:  €175,000 (Euros)



2007 IMT AF 130 LCA (Ref#10788Ra)  (low clearance mast)-  $27,000 per month

2005 IMT AF100-II (Ref#10788Rb) - $23,000 per month. 

2011 IMT AF125 (Ref#10788Rc)- $29,500 per month. 

2002 IMT AF100  (Ref#10788Rd)  $22,000 per month

All units available for sale.  Please contact for current pricing


IMT AF-280  (Ref#775Nh)  Brand new, year 2009, 4/48m Kelly bar  Price:  €900,000 (Euros)


IMT AF-280  (Ref#8930Rb)  Manufactured 2005, approx. 4000 hours, kelly bar rebuilt 2013  Price: $750,000


IMT AF-250  (Ref#15646N)  Manufactured 2003, approx 15,800 hours, mounted on Cat 345B base machine, 280 KNm max torque, Cat 3176 engine, 4/49m kelly, located Middle East  Price:  $410,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $275,000


IMT AF-250  (Ref#5174N)  Year 2000, Cat 3176C, approx 9000 hours, mounted on Cat 345B undercarriage  Price:  $515,000


IMT AF 220   (Ref#775Nrrr)  Year 2008, 3,000 hours, on CAT base 330D, interlocking kelly bar 4/46, Max drilling diameter 2000mm  PRICE:  €500,000


IMT AF180 PILING RIG  (Ref#2266N)  Manufactured  2004, mounted on Cat 330 BL base carrier, 4 x 9.5m kelly bar, 133,810 ft/lb torque, 5 meter stroke, 5-1/4” stub, 10,687 hours  Price:  $400,000


IMT AF-125  (REF#775N11)  Year 2009, approximate hours 2000, on CAT base 323D, large passage rotary head to fit a 406 mm kelly bar diameter, interlocking kelly bar 5 elements to reach 47m, mast extension of 600mm.  Like new condition  PRICE:  €320,000 (EURO) OFF MARKET


IMTAF120  (Ref#775Ruuu)  Manufactured 2003, approx. 10,000 hours, 137 KNM torque, mounted on CAT 320B base, 4/38M locking bar, 42 ton working weight.

PRICE:  €180,000


IMT AF120  (REF#12958Rf)  Short mast version, year 2001, approx. 7,000 hours, location USA.  PRICE:  $260,000


IMT AF120  (Ref#775Rttt)  Manufactured 2001, approx. 14,500 hours, 137 KNM torque, mounted on CAT 320B base, 4/38m locking bar, 42 ton working weight.

PRICE:  €160,000


IMT AF-100  (Ref#3331R)  Year 2005, 6,700 hours, (2) kelly bars 134’ (positive lock) and 60’ (J lock), 74,000# torque, mounted on Cat 320, extendable undercarriage, Cat diesel engine, located USA   Price:  $400,000  OFF MARKET


IMT AF-80  TRUCK MOUNT  (Ref#12044R)  Year 2002, Cat 315B power module with Cat 3054 engine, 60,000# torque, 22,500# crowd, 20,000# winch, (3) 24m locking kelly bar (78’ depth), mounted oon TOR Dr 8690 carrier with Cat C10 (335 hp_, 10 speed transmission, 8x 6 wheel drive, located USA  Price:  $270,000


IMT AF-18  (Ref#2788R)  Components manufactured 2001, but unit was assembled and sold new in 2005, mounted on Cat 330B base with Cat 3306 engine (250 hp), less than 5,000 hours, 133,810# torque, 4/48m Kelly bar, 140,000# overall weight, easy to maintain, no computer – runs on solenoids  Price:  $540,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $380,000


IMT AF10 (Ref#775Nzz)  Manufactured 1996, mounted on CAT 320B, new engine, slew ring and pump in Jan 2010, original owner for 15 years, very well maintained, 10,200 KGM torque, 14,000 kg push, 15,000 kg pull, 14,000 kg main winch, 7,500 kg aux. winch  Price: 150,000 EUR


IMT AF6 (Ref #775N47), year 1994, CAT 211 diesel engine, 6,300Kg torque, 8,300Kg main winch, 6,000Kg aux winch, 8,000Kg pull-down, 10,000Kg crowd, 30m Kelly bar.  Price: €80,000 EUR


IMT 802  (Ref#775N39)  Mounted on Astra 64-26 truck, 4,250kg torque, 28m depth, 12,000 kg push, 11,000kg ull, 6,800 kg main winch, 5,000kg aux winch,  Price:  €85,000 (Euros)


CZM EZ250  (Ref#10613Rb)  Manufactured 2014, less than 500 hours (Jan 2015), 48m depth with locking bar, 75m depth with friction bar, 235,000# torque, 70,000# pulldown, 80,000# pull up  Price:  $1,300,000


LLAMADA CKR120  (Ref#14631R)  Manufactured 2007, mounted on Cat C330C, less than 4000 hours  Price:  $350,000


MAIT HR300  (Ref#10074R)  Manufactured 2011, piling hammer, approx. 5000 hours, located Asia  Price:  €575,000 (Euros)


MAIT HR 260 (Ref #12111R) Manufactured 2002, approximately 10,000 hours, 131’ drill depth, CAT C13 engine, 54,000# main winch, 192,000# (260KNM) rotary torque, 75 ton overall weight, Location USA. Price: $450,000


MAIT HR130  (Ref#6568Ra)  Manufactured 2011, approx. 2500 hours, 4 x 9m locking kelly bar, Cat C7 ACERT (250 hp) engine, 125,000# torque, 30,000# pulldown, 38,000# pullback, 31,500# main winch, 18,000# aux winch, 72,000# overall weight, owner retiring, located North America  Price:  $425,000


MAIT HR110  (Ref#775N42)  equipped with 4 x 11m friction kelly bar  Price:  €72,000 (Euros)


MAIT HR100  (Ref#15800P26)  Manufactured 2003, configured for kelly bar and CFA drilling, Cat 3116 engine, approx. 6500 hours, approx. 35m depth with kelly bar, 11 tons (77,000#) torqu3e, 23m depth in CFA mode  Price:  £185,000 UK Pounds


MAIT BABY DRILL  (Ref#6568Rb)  Manufactured 2011, less than 1000 hours, Yanmar engine, unit is specially modified to fit under 8’ overhead clearance with an 11 element kelly bar for depth of 29’ and has extension with 16’ clearance and a 4 element kelly bar to drill to 50’ depth, 12,900# torque, 5,600 main winch, 2,250 aux winch, 12,000 operating weight, diesel scrubber, positive air shutoff, owner retiring, located North America  Price:  $117,500


ABI 14/17  (Ref#3244Na)   Manufactured 2008, approx. 4500 hours (as of Jan 2015) ABI Vibratory hammer MRZV-18VS 2008, Cat C15 engine, Sennebogn undercarriage, located USA  Price:  $1,180,000


ABI 14/17 SL  (Ref#9074R)  Manufactured 2005, with MRZV-18 V vibrater (manufactured 2007), less than 6000 hours, Cat C15 (420kw) engine, mounted on SR35T carrier  Price€365,000 (Euros)


ABI TM 13/16  (Ref#218N)  Year 1999, with vibratory hammer and drill head, approx 8,000 hours, vibratory MRZV 925VS (overhauled at 2004, 4000 hours), drill head MDBA 3500 (standard is MDBA 3100), variable static moment installation kit for MRZV 925VS, gear oil cooling system, installation kit for MRZV 925VS, double auger head installation kit VDW 3525, Deutz BF8M 1015CP, 544 hp (standard is 350 hp), track pads 900mm (standard is 600mm)  Price:  $540,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $460,000


ABI TM 12/15 (Ref#775N27)  Manufactured 1996, MAN diesel engine3 (420 hp), MRZ V700 vibrator, 15m sheet pile length, 45 ton weight, mounted on Senneboghen Zeppelin ZR28T carrier  Price:  €190,000 (Euros)


ABI TM 12/15  (Ref#775N28)  Manufactured 1995, MAN diesel engine (305 hp), MRZ V600 vibrator, 15m sheet pile length, 45 ton weight, on Senneboghen Zeppelin ZR 28T carrier  Price:  €180,000 (Euros)


ABI EXCAVATOR ATTACHMENT (Ref#13599RU)  Model BA 2200, low usage, with hoses and stander, 2,200 daNm torque, 82/180 min rotation, 360 l/min hydraulic flow, 300 bar pressure, sw80mm hexagon, 900kg weight  POR


LIEBHERR LRB 125  (Ref#3752Ra)  Manufactured 2008, approx. 2500 hours, 12-8m leader length, 6 ton max pile weight, max hammer weight 6 tons, max pull 20 tons, max torque 120 knm, equipped with 1100 H vibratory hammer  Price:  €520,000  (Euros)


HANS ENGLAND PILING/WATER WELL RIG  (Ref#15762N)  Complete with Hans England high torque power unit, mounted on 1992 Ford Iveco tandem axle truck with only 30,000 miles, complee with 400mm auger x 8m length  Price:  £37,500 UK Pounds  Price reduced:  £29,500  (Approx $49,000 USD)


DELMAG RH28  (Ref#3244Nb)  Manufactured 2008, approx. 5000 hours (as of Jan 2015), BT280-2/419 rotary, heavy duty 419 kelly bar for 27m depth, kelly guide, mast foot, mounted on Sennebogen SR48BT carrier with 350 hp engine  Price:  $1,300,000


DELMAG RH26  (Ref#3244Nc)  Manufactured 2007, approx. 4500 hours as of Jan 2015, Delmag rotary head type BT 625-2, 610 S/D with drill centralizer, mounted on Cat 330D, Cat C9 engine, located USA  Price:  $850,000


DELMAG RH25  (Ref#8859R)  Manufactured 2003, mounted on base carrier Liebherr LH944TR diesel engine 387kw, approx 12,800 working hours, mast support unit, casing oscillator attachment, DELMAG rotary drive BT 260, DELMAG kelly bar K 250/3-27m, hydraulic installation for “VDW” application  Price:  €435,000 (Euros)


CMV TH 15/50  (Ref#775N21)  Manufactured 1999, delivered 2000, approx. 7,500 hours (Dec 2013), (3) kelly bars 54, 42 and 26m depth  Price:  €185,000 (Euros)


CMV TH 15/50  (Ref#775Nss)  Manufactured 1995, 5000 working hours, Cummins 6 cylinder turbo diesel engine (250 hp), 150 kNm @ 8 rpm rotary torque, pull down cylinder stroke 6000mm, (1) interlocking Kelly bar 4 x 10.5 depth, 40m, (1) friction Kelly bar 4 x 13.5, depth 52m.  (2) casing twister, hydraulic connections for casing oscillator.  Brand new diesel engine Cummins (2008), rotary head fully reconditioned in 2010, new crawlers chains, new paint  Price:  €190,000 (Euros)


CMV 14/35  (Ref#14035Rb)  Manufactured 2001, 5 x 11.5m friction kelly bar, 50m depth, located Asia  Price:  $150,000


CMV TRO 10  (Ref#775N43)  mounted on Liebheer 961 base, 4 x 9m friction kelly bar  Price:  €45,000 (Euros)


BANUT 400  (Ref#15747P)  Manufactured 1980, 28,848 hours, mounted on Ackerman H12B Model 1980, engine replaced 2001, Classic 4T hammer with 800mm stroke  Price:  £95,000 UK Pounds


JUNTTAN PM25  (Ref#15749P)  Manufactured 1990, spare auxiliary winch, rigged for driven cast in-situ piling operations with 5T hammer  Price:  £160,000 UK Pounds


JUNTTAN PILE HAMMER (Ref#11996R), model HHK 5/7/9, low hours, equipped with controls and energy measuring device, no power pack  Price:  $170,000


WIRTH PBA 821/2500/300 PILE TOP DRILL RIG  (Ref#9112Rf)  Manufactured 2002, unused and complete system, located China  Price  1,300,000 (Euros)


PDI 5020 (Ref#6058R) mounted on 1996 International 4900, auger has 2041 hours  Price:  $100,000


STERLING (Ref#9658N)  Manufactured 1981, 12’ depth, 10-1/2” kelly bar, Detroit diesel engine, mounted on 1991 Chevy Kodiak truck with 3116 Cat engine,  Price:  $35,000

Also has 54”, 48”, 36” and 24” augers


STERLING HDH HYDROSTATIC (Ref#4321R) Mounted on 2005 International with diesel engine, 25’ depth capacity pressure drill, completely refurbished  Price:  $220,000


STERLING B7 (Ref#4721Rb) Manufactured 1969, Ford 300 straight six deck engine, mounted on 1987 International S1900 with rebuilt DT466 engine, 19’ – 20’ drilling depth, 48” diameter  Price:  $32,000


STERLING CT7 (Ref#14607R) Ford 300 ind gas deck engine, mounted on 1992 Ford F700 2 wheel drive truck with diesel engine, 12’ depth capacity  Price:  $35,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $30,000


P D & E LOW OVERHEAD DRILL  (ref#1855Ra)  60’ depth with minimum cleanrace height of 8’5”, great for jobs inside buildings and under structures, front blade, rear outriggers, boom extends 4’, reaches 5’ – 9’ for drilling, rubber tires, hydraulic brakes, Detroit 4 cylinder diesel engine, approx. 10,000# torque  Price:  $69,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $62,500


P D & E CRANE DRILL  (Ref#1855Rb)  mounted on Grove RT-49, can drill up to 25’ out, 60’ depth, 48” diameter, ideal for drilling over walls or up hillwides, Twin Detroit diesel engines, approx. 10,000# torque  Price:  $90,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $77,500


LODRILL LLM 80 (Ref#4046N) Manufactured 2006, low hours, Tier II Cat engine, 24,000 ft-lbs (33 kN-m) torque, 77,000+ crowd force, 25,000 lb (111 kN) Pullmaster kelly winch, 8,000 lb (35 kN) Pullmaster H25 service winch, 66” (1.6 m) crowd stroke, 5 element, high strength kelly bar (friction), 3” (75 mm) inner kelly bar, 80’ (24 m) drill depth, 24’ 10” (7.6 m) attachment height, Rear kelly winch roller, Level & depth indicator, 91,000 lbs (41300 kg) overall weight, mounted on 330 Cat excavator with diesel engine, 80’ depth capacity, 6’ diameter, 30’ high with auger, some tools, 1800 hours on attachment, 3700 hours on excavator,   Price:  $380,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $350,000


BAYSHORE LODRIL LMFB60  (Ref#1655N)  Manufactured 2002, 16,000# torque, 36” stroke, 7 section kelly bar with 3” stub, Pullmaster H12 (12,000#) kelly winch, Pullmaster H5 (5,000#) service winch, 60’ drill depth, depth and level indicator system, mounted on 2001 Hyandai 210 LC-3 excavator with 130 HP Cummins motor, 16’ boom reach, 55,000# excavator weight  Price:  $170,000


LODRILL LMFB60  (Ref#1548R) Manufactured 2001, 20,638 hours, full motor rebuild June 2006 (16,138 hrs), mounted on 10,848 hours (9,790 hrs on drill), 12,000 HD main winch, 60’ drill depth, 11-13 ft reach to center of hole, heavy duty drill bars replaced 4/07, new drive motor/chain 2/10, aux winch, 136 tall without tool, mounted on Cat 219 excavator (1988)  Price:  $130,000


BAYSHORE LODRIL DH60  (Ref#8932Ra)  Manufactured 2007, mounted on Cat 330DL excavator, 6 element (67’) square locking kelly bar, 62,000# torque, 108” max diameter, 96,000# overall weight  Off Market



BAYSHORE LODRIL  DH40  (Ref#1855Rc)  Manufactured 2004, single owner (drill head), mounted on Cat 325CL, 36,000# torque, 25,000# Pullmaster H25 kelly winch, 12,000# Pullmaster M12 service winch, 72” crowd stroke, 6 element kelly bar (80’) with 4” solid inner bar, 96” diameter, drilling height 26’ – 42’, reach 4”, 6” – 18’, 85,000# overall weight  Price:  $265,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $240,000


BAYSHORE LODRIL DH40  (Ref#8523N)  Brand New 2011, zero hours, 43,000# torque, 25,000# winch, self locking round Kelly bar with 130mm stub, 50’ dig depth, mounted on 2005 270C CL Deere excavator, 3300 hours, new paint, 83,000# operating weight, 24’ height clearance  Price:  $440,000  OFF MARKET

Optional quick change square Kelly available with 70’ dig depth for $45,000


REV-DRILL 34HD  (Ref#7687N)  34’ stroke sled travel, 34-55’ max drill depth, 12-72” auger diameter range, 4,500 psi motor rated pressure, 10,000 – 14,000 ft/lbs torque, 50 gmp flow req. to target speed, 3,000 psi winch rated pressure, 14,000 lbs crowd and retract, 50 gmp winch rated flow, approx shipping weight 8,300 lbs.  Price:  $165,000 for unit only (without excavator)


REV-DRILL 55/30HD  (Ref#12656R)  Manufactured 2011, less than 500 hours, 14,000# torque, 14,000# crowd (double gear case), (2) piece mast for tieback applications, 54’ stroke, 120’ of 4-1/2” drill rod, integrated water/air pipe and hoses, swivel, discharge s wivel/casing driver, hammer and bit.  For vertical/short auger applications:  34’ stroke, kelly br, standard mount  Price:  $195,000


HUGHES HYDRADIGGER  (Ref#9111R)  Manufactured 1970’s, 28’ kelly bar, turntable, service winch, 353 deck engine, mounted on 1984 International truck with DT466 Tur4bo engine, new valve bank, rebuilt main hydraulic pump  Price: $45,000


HUGHES WILLIAMS LDH 100T  (Ref#7087R)  6” x 59’ outer kelly, 4-1/2” x 50’ inner kelly, 100’ digging depth, 471 Detroit diesel, 3 speed transmission, 3447 hours, water system, outriggers, mounted on Hendrickson 600 truck wit 671 Detroit Turbo diesel engine, 13 speed manual transmission  Price:  $165,000


HUGHES WILLIAMS LDH100  (Ref#7231N)  Manufactured 1981, only 1440 original hours, 8’ diameter, drills holes to a maximum depth of 100’, Cummins V553 diesel engine, Hughes heavy duty industrial type transmission, 3 speeds forwards, single speed reverse, air clutches, Hughes Model DG-5000 rotary table, 6” hollow square outer kelly, 4-1/4” solid square inner kelly, telescoping bars, with 4-1/4” square stub, heat treated AISI 4142 modified steel, Hughes Model M42 two speed service hoist equipped with 200’ of ½” cable rated capacity 18,000#, mounted on Hughes Model HDBR-7 turntable base with 270 degree rotation and 4’ fore and aft travel at any point in the arc, headache rack, brake, deck, safety lights, two open type drop pockets and 5” sliding outrigger jacks, one set mounted on front and one set mounted on rear, Hendrickson drill carrier Model 600 8x4 with Cummins diesel engine, Fuller 13 speed transmission  Price:  $165,000  PRICE REDUCED TO $120,000


HUGHES WILLIAMS LDH100T  (Ref#13349d)  Manufactured 1973, double reduction gear, 6” outer and 4” inner kelly bar, 6” x 100’ capacity, mounted on 4 axle carrier with diesel engine , diesel on deck  Price:  $150,000  REDUCED TO:  $125,000


HUGHES WILLIAMS LDH 80 (Ref#9008R)  Manufactured 1980  Price:  $135,000


HUGHES WILLIAMS LDH-80  (Ref#4105N)  Manufactured 1979, mounted on Crane Carrier with new Cummins 6BT engine, new Cummins C50 deck engine, double fron axle, 13 speed Road Ranger transmission, no tools  Price:  $185,000  OFF MARKET


HUGHES WILLIAMS LDH-80  (Ref#4103N)  Manufactured 1973, mounted on Crane Carrier, new Cujmins 6BT engine, new Cummins C50 deck engine, double front axle, Road Ranger 13 speed transaction, no tools  Price:  $125,000  OFF MARKET


HUGHES WILLIAMS LDH-80  (Ref#10363R)  Manufactured 1972, 471 Detroit diesel engine, 80’ drill depth, mounted on 1972 Hendrickson 600 carrier, ready to drill  Price:  $90,000


HUGHES LDH-80  (Ref#11626Nb)  GM471 upper engine DG rotary, mounted on Hendrickson with GM671  POR


HUGHES WILLIAMS LLDH-80  (Ref#11626Nd)  Manufactured 1967, Cummins deck engine, air inner/outer kellies, mounted on trailer  PRICE:  $140,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $105,000


HUGHES WILLIAMS LDH80 TRACK MOUNTED (Ref#1290N)  Manufactured 1979, New 6BTA Tier 2 Cummins deck engine with less than 100 hours ($50,000 upgrade), 80’ drill depth, 6” outer kelly, 4.25” inner, hydraulic crowd, DG rotary, M12 hydraulic pullmaster winch, 3 speed transmission, 50,000# torque, mounted on John Deere 890 tracks,   Price:  $220,000  OFF MARKET


HUGHES WILLIAMS LDH70  (Ref#11626Na)  Manufactured 1967, GM471 deck engine, mounted on Hendrickson with GM671, DG rotary  Price:  $80,000


HUGHES WILLIAMS MF60 (Ref#2222N)  466 Detroit deck engine, 30ft Boom, 60ft Dig Depth, Inner bar 30" w/ 3 1/2" stub, Outer bar 4", New Crowd Cable, New Inner bar Cable, Both back outriggers completely redone, Crowd cylinder has been redone, New Hoist Clutch, New Hoist Pressure Plate, New Crowd Pressure Plate, Both Mask Cylinders Completely rebuilt, New winch cable, One new shiv on outer bar, New control valve body, All new hydraulic hoses, All repairs and rebuilt items on this list have been performed between February and April 08, Mounted on 2000 Mack tandem axle truck with Mack diesel, Runs great, Good Condition, Ready to Drill.   Price: $105,000


HUGHES WILLIAMS MF60  (Ref#7190Ra)  Manufactured 1978, 60’ Kelly bar, double telescoping bar with 3-1/2” inner bar, TD24 ring and pinion, 3 cylinder Detroit diesel engine, mounted on GMC truck with 350 hp engine, 55,000# overall weight, has drilled a 9’ hole to 20’ depth and last drilled in Summer of 2012  Price:  $50,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $30,000


HUGHES WILLIAMS MF60  (Ref#1845R)  Manufactured 1962, chain drive, double kelly bar (60’ depth), 3-1/2” inner bar, 471 Detroit diesel deck engine (1,500 hours since rebuild), mounted on 1984 Interantional truck (needs to be replaced)  Price:  $35,000


HUGHES WILLIAMS LDH-50T  (Ref#11626Nc)  Manufactured 1978, GM 471 deck engine, DG rotary, mounted on Hendrickson with Cummins engine Price:  $90,000


HUGHES WILLIAMS LLDH-50 TAP  (Ref#5534a)  Manufactured 1974, 11” x 50’ kelly bar with 7” stub, front winch, HDBR turntable, 671 Detroit diesel on deck, 4 hydraulic jacks, mounted on Hendrickson carrier all wheel drive, with GM 8V71, Fuller RT D958LL 10 speed RoadRanger transmission, drop box with high/low range, 10’12’ diameter Price:  $220,000  OFF MARKET


HUGHES WILLIAMS LLDH-50 TAP  (Ref#5534b)  Manufactured 1974, 11” x 50’ kelly bar with 7” stub, front winch, HDBR turntable, 671 Detroit diesel on deck, 4 hydraulic jacks, mounted on Hendrickson carrier all wheel drive, with GM 8V71, Fuller RT D958LL 10 speed RoadRanger transmission, drop box with high/low range, 10’12’ diameter Not used in 7 years  Price:  $90,000


HUGHES WILLIAMS LDH50  (Ref#13930)  Manufactured 1974, 471 Detroit, mounted on 1964 Crane Carrier, full turntable, 4 outriggers, 3-1/2” kelly 53’, good shape, ready to drill,     Price$75,000  REDUCED TO $55,000


HUGHES WILLIAMS MF40  (Ref#109N)  Manufactured 1962, new 353 diesel engine on deck, new hydraulics, 3’ diameter, 40’ depth, mounted on 1977 Autocar with 230 6 cyl diesel engine, 3” kelly, 2 rear hydraulic jacks, 1 winch, no tools  Price:  $65,000


HUGHES WILLIAMS MF35  (Ref#9361R)  Manufactured 1965, 353 Detroit diesel deck engine, mounted on AWD Military truck with Cummins diesel engine, 3-1/2” Kelly, 35’ depth  Price:  $160,000


HUGHES WILLIAMS MF  (Ref#5848N)  mounted on 1973 Chevy carrier, wiggle tail, 9,000# hydraulic Tulsa winch, 427 gas engine in carrier, GMC 4 cyl diesel on drill, tip of boom modified to handle setting rebar cages up to about 4’6” diameter, 3” solid kelly, 37’ long boom.  Recent repairs: all hydraulic hoses were replaced about 3 years ago, new sprockets on most of the digging chains, new hydraulic valve bank, new bearings and good used ring and pinion set just put in F8 rotary pot never used, new 5 speed manual stransmission in carrier  Price:  $47,500


HUGHES WILLIAMS EZ-125 HYDRADIGGER  (Ref#13296N)  Manufactured late 1960’s early 1970’s, 2000 International truck with 466 DT  Price:  $75,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $50,000


HUGHES WILLIAMS LDH (Ref#11908RC) Detroit 6V71 deck engine, mounted on Hendrickson carrier with diesel engine, 55’ depth capacity, needs new Kelly bar   Make Offer


HUGHES WILLIAMS BF (Ref#11908RD) Perkins diesel deck engine, mounted on 1976 Canadian crane carrier with diesel engine, 3” Kelly, 45’ depth capacity  Make Offer


HUGHES HYDRADIGGER  (Ref#10006R)  30’ drill depth, Detroit 453 diesel deck engine, full turntable, 2 outriggers, service winch, mounted on 1992 International single axle truck with DT466 diesel engine  Price:  $70,000


HUGHES HYDRADIGGER (Ref#10302R) Detroit 453 deck engine, mounted on 1986 International S1900, 30’ depth capacity, core barrel, mud bucket, 10” – 36” augers  Price:  $45,000


HUGHES EZ-112  (Ref#25N)  Manufactured 1978-80, 2-1/2” kelly bar, rear outrigges, turntable, pole setter, winch, 334 Industrial V8, mounted on 1979 GMC 7000 4x4 truck with auto transmission and 427 gas in truck  Price:  $31,000


CALWELD ADL  (Ref#190N)  Manufactured 1976, mounted on Hendrickson 600-DOH Crane Carrier with Cummins engine, 3-section kelly, 24m drill depth, parts rig located Panama  Price:  $10,000