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Beretta T59, T46, T43
Boart Longyear Delta Base DB430, DB505, DB430, DB95
Casagrande C11, M9-1, C8, C7, C6
CMV   MK200, MK3000F
Comacchio MC1200, MC305
Davey-Kent DK725, DK527, TT170, DK50
EGT MD5000, MD710
Geowelltech 3050R
Hutte  HBR505D, HBR504, HB5040D, 205GT
Interoc  109B
IPC 1200
Klemm 806-3, 802, 704E, KT701  
Massenza M14
Mustang A65, A50
NCB Brunello FD1000
Pacchoisi P1500ERS
Soilmec SM18, PSM20
Teredo DC200

CASAGRANDE C11  (Ref#5536Ra)  Year 1989, low hours, 17m mast length, 10m rod carousel for automatic drill pipe installation, 406mm clamping and breaking system, 35 ton operating weight  Price:  £99,000 UK Pounds  PRICE REDUCED:  £79,000 UK Pounds 


CASAGRANDE M9-1  (Ref#3556Rb)  Manufactured 2002, with Euchill 5080 drifter/rotary head, mini crane, runs 10’ pipe, 10” (254mm) double clamp, new paint  Price:  $115,000


CASAGRANDE M9-1  (Ref#13400R)  2 units available, manufactured 2002, 20.7’ mast with 14.4’ stroke, T1600 P200 rotary head with 13,200# torque, Deutz BF6M 1013C (192 hp) diesel engine, 17,985# extraction force, 13,930# crowd force, M4 (305mm) double clamps, 40,000# operating weight, both complete with 2 knuckle Ferrari boom.  Unit A has 8200 hours.  Unit B has 6,600 hours.  Price per unit:  $95,000


CASAGRANDE C8  (Ref#1679R)  Manufactured 2011, 1449 hours (Sept 2015), new main feed boom chain, replaced electrical dispay screen on control panel, rebuilt all four outriggers, complete package for jet grouting, general service every 250 hours  Price:  $325,000


CASAGRANDE C8 WITH JET GROUTING KIT  (Ref#775N120)  Manufactured 1999, approx. 9000 hours, recently reconditioned, Deutz BF6L913 (136 hp) diesel engine, 2500mm width undercarriage, 500mm track pads, T1600 rotary head (2,400 kgm torque), mast 10m length with rotary head stroke of 8m (can use 25’ pipe), M4 + M4S 305mm double clamps, 360 degree turntable, 22 ton weight for transport.  Jet grouting kit consists of (2) 5m mast extensions, 114mm rods chuck, hydraulic and electric settings, 3 rod carousel for 3m drill rods  Price:  €100,000 Euros


CASAGRANDE C7  (Ref#6953Ta)  Manufactured 2008, Deutz engine, 5776 hours, T2500 rotary head, 33’ stroke, located Canada  Price:  $230,000 USD


CASAGRANDE C7  (Ref#11069R)  Year 2007, approx. 3500 hours, long mast with 10.5m stroke, Casagrande T2000 rotary head, 2 piece rod handler that can hold 2 x 9.0 m drill rods, 406mm clamps, wireless remote control, original owner  Price €140,000 (Euros)


CASAGRANDE C6  (Ref#775N108)  Manufactured 2002, 4m mast stroke, T1200 6V rotary head (1,350 kgm torque), Deutz BF4M diesel engine, 12,700 kg weight, jet grouting timer, upgraded M4 double clamps (305m)  Price:  €77,500 EUR


COMACCHIO MC1200 (775N62), manufactured 2010, 9m extended mast and stroke, approx. 4,000 hours, remote control, 2 rod carousel, casing extractor on upper clamps Price195,000EUR


COMACCHIO MC305 DRILL RIG (775N106) manufactured 2005, 2204 hours on the clock, Hatz 4L41C deisel engine (63HP/47KW), 3.1m mast height, winch with 2,248# line pull, tophead with 3,319# torque, single clamps up to 8.7" with 28,000# clamp force/7,300#breaking force, Transport dimensions 13.1' Length x 3.9' Width x 6.8' Height, 6,600 lbs overall weight. This is a compact and versatile hydraulic drill rig mounted on rubber crawlers.  Suitable for geo-technical soil investigations, coring, environmental, ground consolidations and low clearance/limited access situations such as certain buildings and indoor situations Priced To Sell


COMACCHIO MCF04  (Ref#14215T)  Manufactured 2009  Price:  $225,000


TECHNO 410 DRILL RIG  (Ref#5645Tb)  Manufactured 2009, Cat engine, 4800 hours  Price:  $115,000


GEOWELLTECH 3050R CRAWLER DRILL  (Ref#14089R)  Manufactured 2009, (Geowelltech recently bought out by Atlas Copco), injection pump, crawler rubber tracks, 360 rotation, DTH hammer applications, winch, step up for symmetrix system, Detuz engine, Atlas Copco drilling components, hydraulic pipe rack.  Rig is designed for dtown the hole drilling applications.  It is mounted on a versatile crawler track platform with high ground clearance.  Good for work in restricted areas.  Ten degrees of chain feeder tilt, forward, backward and sideways.  Chain feeder has a stinger mounting that permits vertical movement of the feeder. 500’ of 2-3/8” pipe  Price:  $110,000


GEOWELLTECH 3050R CRAWLER DRILL  (Ref#8974R)  Manufactured 2010, Deutz diesel engine, Atlas copco DHR-484 head, 500’ of 3’ x 10’ pipe, stem magazine, rubber tracks  Price:  $140,000


BOART LONGYEAR DELTA BASE DB430  (Ref#9483R)  Track mounted, diesel engine, manufactured 2008, 540 upgrade drill head, Centerline 7 x 10 Monoplex mud pump, 220 hours, wireline winch, Pullmaster winch, hyd rod rack, 400’ of 2-3/8” API drill rod, dual rod clamps, breakout wrench  Price:  $285,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $210,000


BOART LONGYEAR DB505  (Ref#4310Ra)  Manufactured 2004, rebuilt 2014, crawler mounted, 1600mm mast, Celma electric engine, 1500-2200 rpm, located Europe  Price:  $78,000 USD


BOART LONGYEAR DB505  (Ref#4310Rb)  Manufactured 2004, rebuilt 2015, crawler mounted, 3300mm mast, new hatz disel engine, 2800 rpm, located Europe  Price:  $98,000 USD


BOART LONGYEAR DB430 (Ref#1884R) Manufactured 2008, track mounted with Deutz diesel engine, angle package, 15000# pullback, 200’ of 10’ drill pipe  PRICE:  $120,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $95,000


BOART LONGYEAR DELTA BASE 95 (Ref#1235RA) approx 2000 hours, track mounted, 1200’ of 3 ½” x 10’ drill pipe & 120’ of 3” x 10’ drill pipe, excellent condition  Price:  $290,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $235,000


BOART LONGYEAR DB95GT (Ref#11767Ra) Manufactured 2008, track mounted with Deutz diesel engine, less than 2000 hours, control panel, 1200’ of 3 ½” x 10’ drill pipe and 120’ of 3” x 10’ drill pipe, good condition   Price:  $245,000


CANADIAN BUILT CORE AND DTH DRILL RIG  (Ref#14228T)  Brand new – never used, 16’ aluminum drill mast, 14’ travel, 23,000# pullback, 18,000 push, used 10’ drill rods, equipped with HDT rotary head with 5000# torque and 850 rpm using Funk 4 speed transmission, swivel, 10,000# winch, single clamps, 45 degree side by side mast swing, mounted on John Deere (55 hp) 60D excavator, capable of core, DTH and micropile drilling, lightweight and compact  Price:  $210,000 USD


CMV MK200 MICROPILE RIG (Ref#775N83), year 1988, Diesel engine VM SUN 2105, power 45 hp., Mast length 3.000 mm., Rotary head torque 200 kgm., Feed stroke 1.700 mm, Max extraction force 2.500 kg, Max push down force 1.500 kg., Clamps 60-200 mm., Operating weight 2.300 kg PRICE:  MAKE OFFER


CMV MK3000F MICROPILE RIG (Ref#775N85), year 2003, Diesel engine DEUTZ BF6M1013, power 141 kW., Width extended track 3.600 mm, Width retracted track 2.500 mm, Width shoes 600 mm, Rotary head torque 3.000 kgm, Max winch line pull 46.5 kN, Feed stroke 12.500 mm, Max extraction force 110 kN, Max push down force 110 kN, Double Clamps 90-350 mm, Operating weight 29,000 kg PRICE150,000EUR


CZM CR20  (Ref#15800P29)  Year 2012, 5 ton/m torque, configured for CFA drilling (700mm dia x 30m depth), Cummins C Series diesel engine, 4” pipe 1m clamps, service winch with 1.5 ton pull, swivel for concrete or air, on board compressor, undercarriage very good, on board compressor, 12,000kg weight, 2400mm width, 4900mm length, transport heither 3150mm, drilling height 5600mm  Price$155,000


CZM CR18S  (Ref#15800P31)  Year 2004, 3 ton/m torque, in CFA configuration (300-600mm diameter x 38m depth), Mercedes 6 cylinder turbo engine (approx. 2000 hours), 4” pipe work, 600mm clamps, swivel, side shift and winch, 2200mm track pads, mast length extended to 5 meters  Price$100,000


TESCAR none available at this time


MUSTANG A65 MICROPILE RIG (Ref#775N86), year 1989, less 5,000 hours, Diesel engine SAME 1055P (power 66Kw), Pull force 9t, Clamps 220mm PRICE45,000EUR


ATLAS COPCO MUSTANG A50 ANCHORING RIG  (Ref#5536Rc)  side shift, rotary head, winch, clamping and breaking system, good maintenance  Price  £45,000 UK Pounds


ATLAS COPCO MUSTANG 4N2 MINI RIG  (Ref#14095T)  Manufactured 2004, only 120 original hours, mounted on rubber tracks and powered by separate wheeled power pack with Deutz BF4L 914 Turbo diesel engine, 250mm double clamps, 1800mm stroke (5.9’), 2600mm (8.5’) height with mast up, 2 leveling jacks, drill width 900mm (3’), ideal for low clearance as indoor jobs  Price:  €65,000 Euros


PACCHOISI P1500ERS MICROPILE RIG  (Ref#14152Rf)  Year 1991, long stroke, located South/Central America  Price:  $85,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $70,000


PACCHOISI P1500ERS MICROPILE RIG  (Ref#14152Re)  Built 1991, long stroke, located South/Central America  Price:  $90,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $70,000

SOILMEC PSM 20  (Ref#14160R)  Manufactured 2008, long stroke mast, Deutz TCD 2012L06 diesel engine, rod carousel, 320mm clamps, 7000mm stroke (runs 20’ drill pipe), located USA  Price:  $285,000


SOILMEC SM18 (Ref#12382R) Manufactured 2011, low hours, max stroke of 31’ when using 17’ mast extension, also comes with ann 8’6” extension, HT3700 rotary head with 27,000# torque, 15” max clamp diameter, Moyno 3L8 pump  Price:  $375,000


SOILMEC SM400 MICROPILE RIG  (Ref#15299Tc)  Manufactured 1999, approx. 8000 hours, 5.9L Cummins engine  Price:  $90,000


PSM 980 MICROPILE  (Ref#775N119)  Manufactured 2006, only 1700 hours, Deutz BF4M engine, 980 daNm rotary head torque, 250mm double clamps, approx. 17,500# overall weight, options include Bellin water screw pump, DTH lubricating tank, excellent condition  Price:  €85,000 Euros


MYM C5 MICROPILE RIG  (Ref#15299Ta)  Manufactured 2007, double clamps, hose bundle, separate Deutz BF4M2012 track mounted power pack, less than 1000 hours, for limited accesss and low clearance jobs  Price:  $105,000


TEI TD75 ELECTRIC/HYDRAULIC LIMITED ACCESS ROCK DRILL  (Ref#7278R)  Manufactured 2014, approx 2000 hours, ideal for drilling inside buildings and limited access locations, clamp and breaker system, RDS 550 rotary head and shock sub, 180 degree side to side mast rotation, 75 hp electric motor, track mounted.  Tracks contract to 35”, ideal for seismic retrofits, foundation repair, dam rehab and ground consolidation.  Price:  $180,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $140,000


TEI 7D75 ELECTRIC MINI RIG  (Ref#15299Tb)  Manufactured 2002, track mounted, ideal for drilling inside buildings and limited access jobs, new tracks in 2015, new cord in 2016, new power supply with water tight electrical box in 2016.  Price:  $80,000


TEI WD50 ELECTRIC FOUNDATION DRILL  (Ref#9899Rb)  Hydraulic drive using 20 hp electric motor (240/480), auger and hammer drilling, 3500 ft/lbs lift and pulldown, suitable for auger and hammer drilling, 1500 ft/lb torque, mountedon 3 wheel rame  Price:  $32,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $27,500


DAVEY KENT DK725  (Ref#14073Ri)  Manufactured 2007, 3427 hours, Davey Kent DR14 rotary drill head, new hydraulic pump 2015, well maintained, pump drives changed at 2600 hours, no auxiliary attachments or equipment  Price:  $215,000


DAVEY KENT MODEL DK720 CRAWLER TIEBACK RIG  (Ref#508Nf)  Manufactured 1998, powered by Cat 3116T diesel engine and hydraulic drive, equipped with Casagrande model 1600 top head drive, 22' mast, 12 7/8" maximum diameter drill steel capacity, 10' maximum drill steel length, hydraulic extending controls, 9'4" crawlers, 16" TBG pads, and (2) rear hydraulic stabilizers. In good condition with good undercarriage. (Meter Reads 00,692 On Replacement Cat Engine) With Casagrande T1600 Rotary Head Price:  $145,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $110,000


DAVEY DK-527 (Ref#13172T) Manufactured 2000, track mounted with Deutz diesel engine, good condition

Price on request


DAVEY KENT MODEL TT170 CRAWLER TIEBACK RIG  (Ref#508Ng)  Manufactured 1995,  powered by Cat 6 cylinder diesel engine and hydraulic drive, equipped with 45' mast, 12 7/8" maximum diameter steel capacity, 36' maximum steel length, hydraulic swingaway enclosed cab with air conditioning, shopmade engine enclosure, shopmade counterweight system, 13'3" crawlers, 20" TBG pads, and (2) front and (2) rear hydraulic stabilizers. In good condition with good undercarriage. With Casagrande T1600 Rotary Head (Meter Reads 04,795 Hours)  Price$120,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $92,000


DAVEY KENT DK50 ELECTRIC MINI DRILL  (Ref#14186Tb)  Year 1989, single 3-speed rotary head with mast extension, 480 volt powepack on deck (generator required), winch, 144”L x 50”W x 80” H – 3,000 kg weight  Price $55,000


TEREDO DC200 MICROPILING RIG (Ref #775N60) Year 2007, approximately 2,500 hours, 3600mm stroke (use 10’ pipe), 5300mm mast length (18’), 63KN extraction force, 19.5 line pull, 860 daNm torque, 0-140 RMS, 210KN clamp force, Hatz 4L41C diesel engine. Price: €68,000 EUR


HITACHI SOIL NAIL RIG ON HITACHI 122 EXCAVATOR (Ref#10174N)  with a soil nail boom and auger attachment, refurbished and operational, can drill 40-80 soil nails per shift, located USA  Price:  $45,000


HITACHI TH55  (Ref#14117Tf)  Manufactured 1992, 4 piece kelly bar, 41m depth  Price:  $85,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $60,000


NORDMEYER – none available at this time


HUTTE HBR605 MICROPILE RIG  (Ref#1405Tb)  Manufactured 2007, T1200 high speed rod head, HG12 rotary head, BW1500 winch, extended swivel mast has head sheave, HG19 casing head, Beka lube auto greaser system, attached articulating boom crane for handling casing  Price:  $180,000 USD


HUTTE HBR 505D  (Ref#4633N)  hydraulic crawler rig, manufactured 1994, SHB 110/3 hydraulic drilling hammer,  8000# troque, Deutz BF6L913 diesel engine (140 hp), 20,000# total wegith  Price:  $75,000


HUTTE HBR-504 (Ref#7891R) Manufactured 2004, track mounted with Deutz diesel engine, 18’ mast, water pump, good condition  Price $160,000


HUTTE HB 5040D (Ref#12010R) Manufactured 2002, new Deutz diesel deck engine, less than 550 hours, 3200 total hours on rig, rotary head with top hammer, new track chains & rollers, new mast rails and guides, rebuilt double breakout wrench, well maintained, excellent condition  Price: $185,000


BERETTA T59  (Ref#5536Re)  Manufactured 2005, 4 cylinder Deutz engine, clamping and breaking for handling 200mm casing, winch, anchor and angle drilling capability, side shift on drill head, 2 speed rotary head Price: £50,000 UK Pound


BERETTA T46 ROCK DRILL  (Ref#5634R)  TE550 drill head, RDSH1000 rotary head, limited access carriage 1000-1400mm width (39.37 – 55.12”), rotary head side movement 365mm (14.37”), hydraulic clamp/breaker 50-219mm FORCE 140 KN (30,864 lb), hydraulic power unit 63hp diesel 49 gpm @ 3129 psi, hydraulic chain feed with 47”, 66” or 86” of drill travel and 8818 lb of pull/push, hydraulic valve section for percussion drill, hydrauic winch, lifting capacit 600 kg (1322 lb), foam pump for 4 gpm @ 2175 psi  Price:  $155,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $125,000


BERETTA T43  (Ref#13693Ra)  Manufactured 2008, with separate power pack, Perkins 60 hp engine, double clamp, hydraulic hose set to connect rig to powerpack, ideal for working inside buildings, low clearance or difficult to access areas  Price:  $130,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $99,500


MASSENZA M14  (Ref#5536Rf)  Manufactured 2007, 1200 working hours, overall length of machine with mast extension 7675mm (suitable for winching 6 meter rods up in one pass), mast pull up force 55kn, 84hp engine power, 6880Nm rotary head torque, 650 rpm, clamping and breaking system, clamping for 205mm diameter casing/rods, DTH drilling/drifter/direct circulation, can be used for hollow stem augers, DTH, coring, air flush, water flush, air mist, machine weight 4 tons, mast extension ram suitable for lifting 10 tons pullback force on the jack  Price:  70,000 UK Pounds


IPC 1200 MICROPILING RIG  (Ref#5536Rb)   (IPC now owned by Soimec), manufactured 2008, 6 cylinder engine, 7m drill mast with 6m drill feed, 305mm clamping, 1000 hours on engine, multimast movemast, good for soil nails and anchoring, 13 ton weight  Price  £140,000 UK Pounds


EGT MD5000  (Ref#3740R)  Manufactured 2001, approx. 1400 hours, track mounted, 30’ mast with winch for 20’ lengths, rotary head (rebuilt Rexrth A6VM80 motor), coursel rod loader, clean under carriage, tethered remove control, Cat 3056 6-cylinder engine, 2 front and 2 rear jacks, 23,600kg  Price $70,000


EGT MODEL MD3000  (Ref#7309R)  Manufactured 2001, crawler mounted, high torque, Cat 3056 KIT diesel engine, remote control panel, 2 jacks, does micropiles, anchors, tie backs  Price:  $145,000


EGT MD710 ELECTRIC RIG  (Ref#775N102)  Manufactured 2004, ideal for drilling low clearance and inside building, powered by electric generator instead of diesel engine, completely reconditioned recently and ready to work  Price  €37,500 (Euros)


INTEROC 109B  (Ref#3443N)  Manufactured 1997, track mounted micropiling rig, 6436 hours, 27,000 lb.,  Deutz BF6L913 engine, Krupp HB40A rotary head, 9700Nm torque, 15’ mast stroke  Price:  $165,000


KLEMM 806-3D MICROPILE RIG  (Ref#15301T)  Manufactured 2009, dual rotary head, low hours, track mounted, rebuilt engine and breakout tools in 2017  Price:  $330,000


KLEMM 806-3  (Ref#5110R)  Manufactured 1999, Deutz diesel engine, 8300mm mast length, 4400mm stroke, equipped with Eurdrill RH1400 rotary head, 12,000# torque (1,680 daNm), approx. 15 tons overall weight, located USA  Price:  $85,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $75,000


KLEMM 802  (Ref#10613Rd)  Manufactured 2002, less than 2000 hours, Cat diesel engine (107 hp), 20 knm torque, 4000mm casing, 40m depth, KD1215R driver  Price:  $200,000


KLEMM 704E MINI RIG  (Ref#15298Tb)  Manufactured 1999, electric rig powered by generator (generator not included), track mounted, ideal for limited access and low clearance jobs, inside buildings, etc  Price:  $60,000


KLEMM 704E  (Ref#15800P22)  Manufactured 1997, approx. 5000 hours, 25m electric cable, complete with separate generator powered by Perkins 6 cylinder water cooled, 9000# torque, compact design allows access to limited access areas and inside buildings, double clamps  Price:  $79,500


KLEMM 701 MINI RIG  (Ref#15298Ta)  Manufactured 1999, only 2500 original hours, telescoping boom, single clamp, all hydraulic, ideal for limited access and low clearance projects, inside buildings, etc, powered by a separate Perkins power pack, 75’ hose bundle  Price:  $69,500


KLEMM 701  (Ref#15800P33)  Mini rig and powerpack, manufactured 1999, hydraulic powerpack fitted with Perkins 1000 Series engine, 25m hydraulic hoses, approx. 4000 hours, single clamp, ideal for limited access and drilling inside buildings  Price:  $79,500


KLEMM KT701 MINI RIG AND SEPARATE POWER PACK  (Ref#775N91)  Manufactured 2001 with telescoping mast from 2200mm-3200mm double clamps, 800 kcm Klemm rotary head, 1200kg winch, 750-1250mm adjustable crawlers, 3300kg weight, comes with PP75DS, year 2001, 80 kw Perkins engine, 4 hyd pumps, 2000kg overall weight  Price €100,000 (Euros)


NCB BRUNELLO FD1000 MICROPILE RIG  (Ref#775N92)  1000 kgm torque, complete with 2 masts  Price:  €35,000 Euros


IMT FR-1200HD  (Ref#11719R)  2 units available, manufactured 2002, Cat 3126B engine, 11,000# torque, 254mm double clamps  Price:  $120,000