Manufactured 2010, Rig Tech RT-400B drawworks, 42” x 10” drum w/1-1/8” line grooves, Eaton WCB424 brake, Cat C15 engine, Oilworks OWI-1000 wireline unit with 12,000’ of .092” line, hydraulic pump w/C15 engine, hydraulic pump w/electric motor, International Derrick Service 77’ x 500,000# mast, lights, 1DS 500,000# crown block, Venturetech XK-250 hydraulic top drive w/250t static load rating 5,000 psi, w/Cat C18 hydraulic power unit, B & V Gray Iron roughneck, 22’ hydraulic raised substructure, 27-1/2” rotary table with 250 ton rating, IDS hydraulic pipe arm, Cvin 250 ton slips, hydraulically rasied upper doghouse – rig floor doghouse, lower doghouse, change room, accumulator unit with BOP 10 x 11 gal bottles and triplex pump.  (2) Weatherford MP-10 mud pumps with Cat C3508 diesel engine and torque converter, 5 x 6 MCM pump w/50 hp electric motor.  (1) OPI 1000 mud pump with Cat D398 w/torque converter, 5 x 6” MCM pump w/50 hp electric motor, shaker tank 315 bbl curved bottom tank, 4 compartments, (2) 10 hp agitator, desander pump 5 x 6” MCM pump 50 hp electric motor, desilter pump 5 x 6 MCM with 50 hp electric motor, suction tank 315 bbl curved bottom tank, 3 Oilworks 10 hp mud agitators, 4” K-9000# Herbert mud hopper, (2) 5 x 6” MCM mud mixing pumps with 50 hp motors, mud cleaning system: (2) Derrick FLC-503 shale shaker, Oilworks 2 x 12” desander, Oilworks 16 x 4” desilter.  Generator skid w/ (2) Cat C-15 engines and Cat 455kw generators.  (2) Sullivan H25D 110 cfm/125 psi air compressors.  Water tanks 10’6” diameter 500 bbl capacity with (2) Mission 2 x 3” centrifugal pumps with 20 hp motors.  Fuel tank 4’ x 8’ diameter 4 x 8’ diameter cylindrical tank with 265 bbl capacity and (2) fuel pumps with electric motors.  BOP trolley, junk basket, 12,000’ of 5” drill pipe 19.5# Grade G-105 Range II premium pipe, drill collars:  (8) 8-1/4”, (12) 6-1/2”, (8) 4-3/4”, (2) 8-1/4” short.  Support equipment:  circulating sub, bit sub, power tong/spinning system, overhot, taps, forklift, $250,000 worth of spare parts, located South America  Price:  $8,500,000



NATIONAL 110 UE  (Ref#11029R)


Nearly complete with major overhaul

Rigged up as new in 2006 and drilled 5 wells – now totally reconditioned to “LIKE NEW”

DRAWWORKS:  NATIONAL 110 UE 1500HP Single Drum Drawworks, LEBUS Grooved, f/1-3/8” Line, Makeup & Breakout Catheads, w/PETRON Driller’s Control Console,  Crown-O-Matic,   

Remanufactured – drawworks is 25’L x 9’2”W x 9’6”H


APOLLO 752 DC Traction Motor, 1000 HP, w/EMERSON AB34 10 HP Electric Blower Assembly (rebuilt)

APOLLO 752 DC Traction Motor, 1000 HP, w/EMERSON AB34 10 HP Electric Blower Assembly (rebuilt)


TRADE TECH 88058DS Electric Brake (rebuilt)


SKYTOP 142’H Cantilever Beam Leg Mast, 1,000,000 Lb. Static Hook Load, Pin-Type, SKYTOP Crown Block w/(6) Crown Sheave Cluster, Crown Safety Platform, Racking Board, Tong Counterweights, Ladder, Derrick Climber, Mast Stand, 3-1/2” Standpipe & Manifold. MAST AND SUB WILL BE RECONDITIONED AND API INSPECTED


SKYTOP 28’W x 26’H x 72’L Swing-Up Substructure, 1,000,000 Lb. Casing Load, 600,000 Lb. Setback Capacity w/Rotary Beams, V-Door Ramp,  Type EB Deadline Anchor, Stairs, Safety Rails (derrick and substructure is rebuilt and will have current API inspection)


Kato II 1050 KW AC Generator, p/b CAT D399 Diesel Engine, w/Air Starter, Radiator, Gauges, Mounted on 10’W x 30’8”L Covered Skid – rebuilt and engines load tested

Kato II 1050 KW AC Generator, p/b CAT D399 Diesel Engine, w/Air Starter, Radiator, Gauges, Mounted on 10’W  30’8”L Covered Skid – rebuilt and engines load tested

Kato II 1050 KW AC Generator p/b CAT D399 Diesel Engine w/Air Starter, Radiator, Gauges, Mounted on 10’W x 30’8”L Covered Skid – rebuilt and engines load tested


IDM 4-Bay SCR Unit, w/9’2”L Porch, Switchgear & Instrumentation to Control (3) 1050 KW AC Generators, Includes: (1) Brake Control Box, GE E-9000 Line Series Motor Control Center, Mounted in 10’3”W x 29’2”L Temperature-Controlled House w/(2) EUBANK V72-10733 Air Conditioners, (1) HAMMOND 750 KVA Transformer, (1) HAMMOND 75 KVA Transformer, Mounted on 10’3”W x 29’2”L Skid. – Remanufactured to like new condition

(4) Shopbuilt 1’W x 9’L Electrical Suitcases

(6) Shopbuilt 3’7”W x 22’9”L Electrical Suitcases w/Grasshopper

AIR PACKAGE  (NOTE:  Mounted on Generator Skids)

WORLD AIR RVK-40 Air Compressor, p/b WEG 30 HP Electric Motor, Mounted on No. 1 Generator Skid

CURTIS Air Compressor, p/b BALDOR 20 HP Electric Motor, w/230-Gallon Air Receiver Tank, Mounted on No. 1 Generator Skid

BEL AIR 3D3HL Air Compressor, p/b BALDOR 20 HP Electric Motor, w/230-Gallon Air Receiver Tank, Mounted on No. 2 Generator Skid

PUMP (Primary)

LS NOI 3NB1300C(10P130 STYLE) Triplex Mud Pump, 1300 HP, w/(3) 6-3/4” x 10” Forged Steel Fluid Ends, Quick-Change Valve Caps & Cylinder Heads, LS NOI 5000 PSI Pulsation Dampener, DOUBLE LIFE 5” x 6” Centrifugal Charging Pump, p/b EMERSON 50 HP Electric Motor, 5000 PSI, Pressure Gauge, Mounted on 9’8”W x 30’2”L Skid

Both mud pumps will have been torn down, cleaned out, calliper all bearings to new specs, re-torque all bolts


TWO (2) APOLLO 752 DC Traction Motor, 1000 HP, w/EMERSON AB34 10 HP Electric Blower Assembly

APOLLO 752 DC Traction Motor, 1000 HP, w/EMERSON AB34 10 HP Electric Blower Assembly

All traction motors will be rebuilt

PUMP (Standby)

LS NOI 3NB1300C (10P130 STYLE)Triplex Mud Pump, 1300 HP, w/(3) 6-3/4” x 10” Forged Steel Fluid Ends, Quick-Change Valve Caps & Cylinder Heads, LS NOI 5000 PSI Pulsation Dampener, DOUBLE LIFE 5” x 6” Centrifugal Charging Pump, p/b EMERSON 50 HP Electric Motor, 5000 PSI, Pressure Gauge, Mounted on 9’8”W x 30’2”L Skid  (rebuilt)



TWO(2) APOLLO 752 DC Traction Motor, 1000 HP, w/EMERSON AB34 10 HP Electric Blower Assembly

APOLLO 752 DC Traction Motor, 1000 HP, w/EMERSON AB34 10 HP Electric Blower Assembly

Traction motors are rebuilt


MUD KING RT275 27-1/2” Rotary Table, w/Split Master Bushings, p/b APOLLO 752 Traction Motor w/EMERSON AB34 10 HP Blower Assembly - rebuilt

MUD KING 450-Ton Swivel (rebuilt)

5-1/4” x 40’L Hex Kelly

VARCO HD Kelly Drive Bushing (rebuilt)

INTERNATIONAL TOOLS Kelly Spinner - rebuilt

TIW Upper Kelly Spinner

TIW Lower Kelly Spinner


IDECO 525-Ton Block/Hook Combination - rebuilt

2-3/4” x 132” Elevator Links


HYDRIL GK Type 13 5/8” 5000# Annular Blowout Preventer - rebuilt

SCHAFFER LWS Type- 13-5/8” x 5000 PSI DOUBLE Blowout Preventer - rebuilt

Choke Line:  (1) 4-1/16” x 10M Gate Valve, (1) 4-1/16” x 5M HCR Valve - tested

Kill Line:  (2) 2-1/16” x 10M Gate Valves, (1) 2-1/16” x 5M Check Valve - tested

CPCPB 40-32 5-Station Closing Unit, w/(16) 11-Gallon Accumulator Bottles, Triplex Pump, p/b BALDOR 20 HP Electric Motor, (2) Air Pumps, , 8’W x 8’2”L Skid – pressure tested

5-Station Remote Closing Unit, Mounted in Doghouse

5000 PSI Choke Manifold w/5-Way Cross, (2) 4-1/16” x 10M Gate Valves, (7) 2-1/16” x 10M Gate Valves, (2) 2-1/16” x 10M Adjustable Chokes, Mounted on 8’W x 14’L Adjustable-Height Skid - tested


Shopbuilt 7’9’W x 25’1”L Doghouse w/5’L Covered Porch, Knowledge Box, Bench Storage, Cabinets, Lights, Skidded

All new 480/600 SCR wiring from SCR house/generators to mud tanks and rig lights

Shopbuilt 10’2”W x 33’1”L Change House w/Round Top, Knowledge Box, (24) Lockers, Bench Storage, Cabinets, Washer, Lights, Skidded

(2) Shopbuilt 8’W x 19’10”L Parts Houses, Each w/Round Top, Parts Bins, Skidded


Shopbuilt 10’W x 9’6”’H x 50’L 543-Barrel Suction Tank w/9’L Covered Porch, (3) Compartments, (5) GROVE GEAR 7-1/2 HP Mud Agitators, Each p/b MARATHON 7-1/2 HP Electric Motor, Mud Hopper, Caustic Tank, Internal Plumbing, Flat Bottom, Top-Mounted Walkways, Stairs, Safety Rails, Skidded

MCM 5” x 6” Centrifugal Mixing Pump, p/b BALDOR 50 HP Electric Motor

MCM 5” x 6” Centrifugal Mixing Pump, p/b BALDOR 50 HP Electric Motor

Shopbuilt 10’W x 9’6”’H x 50’L 543-Barrel Shaker Tank w/10’W x 9’L Covered Porch, (3) Compartments, GROVE GEAR 7-1/2 HP Mud Agitator, p/b MARATHON 7-1/2 HP Electric Motor, Internal Plumbing, Flat Bottom, Top-Mounted Walkways, Stairs, Safety Rails, Skidded

MCM 5” x 6” Centrifugal Desilter Pump, p/b MARATHON 50 HP Electric Motor

MCM 5” x 6” Centrifugal Desander Pump, p/b BALDOR 50 HP Electric Motor

Swaco degasser - new

ODRILL/MCM Linear Motion Shale Shaker –new

ODRILL/MCM Linear Motion Shale Shaker – new

ODRILL/MCM desander w/(2) 10” cones - new

O’DRILL/MCM desilter w/(8) cones - new

Shopbuilt 10’ W x 9’6”H x 50’ long suctionTank. (3) 15 hp Agitators (new). High pressure guns. Pit levelers. Dump gates. Three Dividers. Oilfield Three Runner skid.


Shopbuilt 10’2”Dia x 42’3”L 500-Barrel Water Tank, Skidded - new

BAKER SPD 2” x 3” Centrifugal Water Pump, p/b TECO 25 HP Electric Motor, Mounted on Generator Skid No. 3

BAKER 2” x 3” Centrifugal Water Pump, p/b TECO 25 HP Electric Motor, Mounted on Generator Skid No. 3

Shopbuilt 8’Dia x 32’3”L 12,141-Gallon Fuel Tank w/(2) SIEMENS Fuel Transfer Pumps, Each p/b TECO 2 HP Electric Motor, w/4’L Covered Porch, Skidded

MURPHY 5-Compartment Lubester w/Pumps, Hoses, Reels, Mounted on 6’W x 13’L Skid


VARCO SSW-10 Pipe Spinners

Type DB 3-1/2” x 10 3/4” Rotary Tongs, - rebuilt

5” 350-Ton Drill Pipe Elevators - rebuilt

5” Drill Pipe Slips  - new

6-1/2” Drill Collars Slips - new

8” Drill Collar Slips - new

6-1/2” & 8” Safety Clamps - new

JULING XJF5-35 Air Hoist, 10,000 Lb. Capacity - new

JULING XJF5-35 Air Hoist, 10,000 Lb. Capacity - new

5” Mud Bucket


PETRON Weight Indicator, (NOTE: Located in Doghouse - rebuilt

TOTCO Automatic Driller - rebuilt

M & F Type D Mud Gauge - new


3-1/2” x 65’L Rotary Hose - new

3-1/2” x 12’L Vibrator Hose - new

3-1/2” x 18’L Vibrator Hose - new

Shopbuilt 5’W x 18”H x 60’L Catwalk, 2-Section, Steel Deck

(3) Sets of (6) 18”H x 28’L Shopbuilt Triangular Pipe Racks - new

Shopbuilt 8’W x 40’2”L Junk Box, Skidded

FIVE STAR Wireline Measuring Device, w/15,000’ of .092 Wireline - new

1-3/8” Drill Line w/INGERSOLL-RAND Air Tugger, Chain Driven – new drilling line

Rathole & Mousehole

Fluorescent, Mercury-Vapor & High-Pressure Sodium Rig Lights w/Wiring – all new wiring

Miscellaneous Spare Parts, Valves, Fire Extinguishers, Etc.

No Tubulars or Top Drive are included

Completion dae: 30 days from date of contract – Terms: 50% deposit and balance on completion

Payment by bank transfer only

PRICE:  $$9,200,000




Manufactured 2009, 1000 hp drawworks Model 4212, Faywick air clutch, 42” x 12” brake, 18” x 38” drum, powered by (2) Cat C15 (540 hp each) with Allison 6061RB transmission w/engine converter, 114’ x 365,000# mast with 10 lines, equipped with torque arrest beam for the top drive and piping.  Tubing board, board fingers for 17,000 ft of 2-7/8” or 11,400 ft of 3-1/2” tubing, mounted on single axle heavy duty carrier for 140,000 lb load, ABCO 250 ton hook/block, 17’6” telescoping substructure with 14’ clear under rotary beams, 365,000# capacity and 225,000# setback, fold out wings, floor area 18’ wide x 18’ long, w/carrier ramp to allow rig to rest on base of ramp, 22” rotary table w/44” centers, 4” x 5000 psi high pressure piping  Price:  $4,000,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $2,900,000


NATIONAL 110UE  (1400 hp) 4700 METERS DIESEL ELECTRIC RIG  (Ref#2442R) 


Drawworks: National 110UE 1500 hp drawworks with (2) GE752 diesel electric drive motors.  Elmago Type 6032 Eddy Current Brake, water cooled and Crown-o-Matic stop device

Mast:  142’ clear height x 25’ base width x 800,000# static hook load with 12 line string, built to API specifications 4F.

Continental Emsco crown block, adjustable racking platform w/capacity for 5” OD drill pipe and up to 9-1/2” OD drill collars, Geronimo topman escape device and fall prevention device.

Substructure 30’W x 25’ clear height derrick floor and 20’ minimum clear height below rotary beam, 800,000# casing load capacity and 500,000# setback capacity, mouse hole and rate hole pipe, National 800,000# deadline anchor grooved for 1-3/8” wireline

Rotary table Continental Emsco Model T-2750 (27-1/2” opening) with dead load capacity 500 ton, pin drive master bushing assembly for 5-1/4” and 3-1/2” hexagonal kelly.

Travelling hook/block/swivel, Continental Emsco RA-52-6 travelling block, BJ Dynaplex 5500 hook and National 450 ton swivel, 335 ton API bearing rating and 5000 psi continuous work pressure

Top drive Tesco Model ECI 900hp electrical, 500 ton hook load capacity with (2) 450 hp AC motors w/cooling system, torque 37,000 ft/lbs at 100 rpm and 17,000 ft/lb at 200 psi rpm 0-228, breakout tongs 55,000 ft/lbs.

Mud pump:  (2) Weatherford Model BP16 1600hp triplex w/5000 psi working pressure, powered by 1600 hp DC motors and (2) NOV Mission 2500 centrifugal supercharge pumps

Power System:  diesel electric AC-SCR system w/(4) Cat D398 turbocharges 4800 hp engines and (4) KATO 60hz AC generator, (6) GE 752DC electric motor, 1000 hp each continous and 1250 intermittent rating, Ross Hill Model 1650 SCR system (4-bay), explosion proof lightingh suitable for hazardous locations and adequate at all important points.

Air Compressors:  Ingersoll Rand electric compressor UP-5-22-10,, cold start compressor 30-40 cfm/150 psi, (2) air receiver tanks

Mud System:  (5) tank 150 m3 and reserve capacity 120 m3 consisting of:  (1) shaker tank (settling tank), (1) intermediate tank, (1) suction tank and (2) reserve tanks.  Provision of suction of mud from any of the reserve tanks with either mud pump and with suitable facilities for transfer of mud from active to reverse tank, complete woith mud guns and mud agitators, 6m3 capacity of slug, trip tank 10m3 50 bbl capacity with (2) 20 hp motors powering centrfifugal pumps.  Mud mixing system (2) low pressure hoppers and electricmotor driven centrifugal pumps, (2) Swaco shale shakers 1500 gpm, Brandt 2-12/8T4 desilter, poor boy mud degasser, Swaco vacuum degasser 1200 gpm, electric motor driven centrifugal pumps.

Misc:  80 M3 capacity water system complete with (2) electric motor driven centifugal Harrisburg pumps, 50 M3 diesel fuel tank and (2) Mission Magnum electric motor driven fuel pumps, dog house and pit house, 2-section catalk and pipe racks, kelly spinner, storage and tool house, EZY troque, (2) 6000# air winches, dual stand pipe and mud manifold with rotary and vibratory hoses 5000 psi.

Drilling instrumentation:  Martin Decker/Mi-Swaco Model SG Smart New Generation i.e. Drill Watch, Mud Watch, Touch Screen type digital and analog display monitors and 3 rig stations with data acquisition and printing facilities for monitoring drilling parameters.   Martin Decker Type EB weight indicator.  Martin Decker mud gauge.  Martin Decker / Swaco mud volume totalizer.  Martin Decker mud flow fill and stroke indicating system.  Martin Decker seven channel recorder to record weight, mud pressure, rotary torque & RPM, mud pump SPM and rate of penetration.  Totco/Martin Decker drift indicator with 0-8 deg double recorder.  Six point gas detection system.  Driller’s console:  weight indicator, remote mud pressure gauge, tong torque indicator, rotary torque indicator, rotary RPM, mud pump SPM.

Well Control Equipment:  Shaffer hydraulically operated BOP stack 13-5/8” – 5M w/(1) double ram unit 13-5/8” 5M, (1) single ram BOP 13-5/8” – 5m, (1) Annular BOP 13-5/8” 5M.    3-1/8” 5M choke and kill manifold w/(2) manually and hydraulically operate chokes including control console.  Koomey/NL Shaffer BOP accumulator and control unit. 

Adapter and spools, BOP control testing unit 10m with recorder.

Kelly:  (1) each of 5-1/4” and 3-1/2” hexagonal kelly with 10m upper kelly cock, 10m lower kelly cock, 10m kelly saver sub, 10m FOSV/IBOP.

Handlng Tools: 

(1) each of center latch elevator for following DC:  8” DC – 100 tons, 61/2” DC 100 tons, 4-3/4” DC 65 tongs Varco/BJ make.

(1) each of center latch elevator for 5” OD DP – 250 tons Varco/BJ make.

(1) each of center elevator for 3-1/2” OD DP 200 tons.

(1) each of SJ elevator complete with swivel and suspension assembly for following sizes of casing: 13-3/87”, 9-5/8”, 7”, 5-1/2”, Varco/BJ. 

Hydraulic pneumatic pipe spinner for 2-7/8” to 5” tubulars. 

Hydraulic casing tong complete with hydraulic power unit, standard accessories for 5”, 5-1/2”, 7”, 9-5/8” 13-3/8” casing FARR.

Bit breakers for 17-1/2”, 12-1/4”, 8-1/2” and 6” bits.

Multi segment slips for all sizes of casing.

Extra long rotary slip compete with inserts for 5” DP.

Medium slips complete with 3-1/2” inserts for handling 3-1/2” DP.

Set of slips to handle 8”, 6-1/2” and 4-3/4” DC.

Set of safety clamps to handle 8”, 6-1/2” and 4-3/4” DC.

Set of 2-3/4” x 08” weldless links 350 ton capacity.

Rotary tongs to handle all tubulars, casing thread protectors.

Located India

Price:  $5,500,000


OILWELL 860-E 1500HP ELECTRIC RIG (Ref#737N)    


Drawworks:   Oilwell 860-E 1500 HP with Elmagco 6032 hydromatic brake Power:  4 x Caterpillar D399 TAC with Kato 1050 kW 600 V alternators in skidded engine house with rain roofs. One Caterpillar 3406 standby generator

SCR:  Model 1200 4 generator x 5 bay Ross Hill system

Drums:  28 in c 52 in drum diameter with Lebus grooving for 1 3/8 in line

Mast:  Superior 142 ft x 21 ft 1 025 000 lb (API static 750 000 lb with 12 lines) Racking board with ladders and A-frame, 4 in standpipe & manifold with 4 in valve with 3 x 2 in outlets rated at 5000 psi. Mast built to accept 500 ton

top drive

Drilling Anchor:   Drill line anchor is an E-80 sensator for 1 3/8 in line

SubstructureBox-on-box 25 ft high (750 000 lb rotary and 500 000 lb set back) complete with V-Door, handrails and stairs.

Travelling equipment: 500 ton with 6 sheaves for 1-3/8 in EIPS drilling line

 Rotary table:  National 37-1/2 in with master bushing & independent electric drive with a GE 752 D/C traction motor, gearbox & brake

Swivel:   500 ton Swivel

Kelly:   5 ¼ in hexagonal 40ft x 4 ½ IF Kelly bushing and air driven forward and reverse Kelly spinner

Mud pumps:  2 x 1600 HP F-1600 triplex pumps with pulsation dampeners, pop off valves, 6000 psi pressure gauges, unitised on a skid with 4 in diameter discharge lines. Each pump is driven by Two (2) GE 752 D/C motors with blowers and 1 x 5 in x 6 in 50HP charge pump.

Rotary Hose:   3 in ID x 65 ft, 5000 psi WP with 4 in API connections complete with safety clamps, chains, and hammer unions on each end.

Water Tanks:   400 bbl water tank combined on a skid with a 30 bbl trip tank, 3 x 20 HP centrifugal transfer pumps 1x 500 bbl storage water tank.

Air compressors:   2 x electric 20 HP screw type Quincy compressors belt driven 1 x cold start screw type compressor powered by a Lister diesel engine.

Mud system:  Capacity 1340 bbl in three tanks with 2 x Derrick Super G 4-panel shakers

BOP Equipment:   Cameron annular 13 5/8 in 5M rebuilt, certified and NACE trim. 

Cameron double gate 13 5/8 in 5M rebuilt certified and NACE trim.

Drilling spool 13 5/8 in 5-M with 3 1/8 outlets.

1x Shaffer 2000 PSI / WP spherical annular bop complete with diverter spool and 1x 12”Hydraulically operated valve.

1 x Hydril single ram type bop 2000 PSI / WP.

The above BOP’s will be trolley mounted on a rail system for quick rig ups Blind rams and 5 in rams.

Accumulator:  Koomey unit 3000 psi 6 x station 220 gal with Hydril regulator valve, 2 x air pumps with 1 x electric triplex pump, 1 x remote unit and unbiblical for rig floor

Choke Manifold:  Choke & kill manifold 3 x 2 x 5000 psi with [1] x positive and [1] adjustable choke with buffer tank. Skid mounted with lay down style poor boy degasser

Kill line:   3 in 5M kill line valve with 3 in 5M NRV.

Drill Pipe:   10,000 ft of 5 in 19.5 lb/ft drill pipe Grade G-105 with hardbanding 3 x 9 in drill collars, 12 x 8 in drill collars, 15 x 6 in collars, 10 x 5 in heavy wall drill pipe

Bail Arms:   1 x set 2 ¾ in x 132 in long 350 ton bail arms

Rig floor tuggers:   2 x V-door hoist air winch max lift 8 000 lb with ½ in line

Bit subs & crossovers:   Full crossover and bit sub inventory to suit Contractor’s tubulars.

Drill line spooler:   Air operated spooler with 5000 ft of 1 3/8 in line

Elevators:   To suit Contractor’s tubulars

Slips:   To suit Contractor’s tubulars

Tongs:   Type BJ tongs 5 in through 13 3/8 in.

Collars:   Drill pipe collars slips elevators 5 in through 9 in.

Fishing Equipment:   First stage fishing tools for Contractor’s tubulars

Spinner:   Hydraulic drill pipe spinner.

Survey unit:   Wire line unit with 15 000 ft of 0.092 wire make five star retriever

BA sets:   2 No. 1 hr sets

Fork truck:   JCB 8000 lb capacity or similar.

Tool Shack:   Welding set and cutting tools

Welfare:   Locker room for crew.

Junk skip:  Junk skip combined Koomey skid 8 ft W x 40 ft L

Spares:  Container with full spare parts with oil storage

Offices:  Toolpusher office

Fuel Tank:  9 000 gallon capacity, with [2] 3 HP fuel transfer pumps and filters

Casing tong:  20 in casing power tong-power and hydraulic power pack with jaw sizes 7’ in, 9 5/8 in, 13 3/8 in & 20 in.

Hydraulic power pack:  Skid mounted electric power unit powered by 60 HP motor, 65 GPM

@ 2250 psi. Hydraulic tank and all pipe work with relief valve & cooler

Casing Tools: Slip elevators for 7 in, 9 5/8 in, 13 5/8in and 20in casing with 200 ton spider.

Dog house:   Top house with knowledge box and four lockers. Shelves 7 ft 10 in wide x 9 ft high x 17 ft long, with knowledge box and 4 lockers

Miscellaneous:  Catwalk 18 in high 5 ft wide & 56 ft long (Two sections 28 ft long each) 4 x pipe racks 18 in high.

$500,000 of new spare parts included.

History:  drilled 4 wells since put together;  drilled a 10,000’ well 4th quarter 2012.

Currently stacked.  Will drill in several months if not sold.

Price:  $13,000,000  -  REDUCED:  $10,750,000




2 available, manufactured 2008 – 2009, 130’ x 700,000#, electric fluid system 3000 GPM, 3 / 250hp pumps, electric air compressor Sullair silent type rotary screw, power requirements: actual power demand is 500 KW or less.


Electric Series Rigs were designed and built in 2008 – 2009.  These rigs are totally electric-powered including the drawworks, fluid pumping and air systems.  Each includes its own electric substation that is set up near the power company’s overhead power lines.  This substation safely accepts any voltage available at the location and distributes power to our equipment through heavy duty, over current and ground fault protected mining cable up to two miles away.


-       Environmentally Friendly:  Eliminated the need for on-site storage of large quantities of diesel fuel

-       Quiet operation:  Very minimal noise from drilling operations, facilities drilling in residential areas and/or environmentally sensitive areas.

-       Small Rig Footprint:  With a modular design and integral containment pad, the rig has the smallest footprint of all our deep injection well drilling rigs.


Can drill deep wells in excess of 10,000’ and has drilled 24” diameter x 3,000’

PRICE:  $5,500,000 EACH

FRANKS CABOT 900 (National Oilwell Varco)  (Ref#11663R) 


Manufactured 1978, rig only, no substructure, no tooling.  Mast and carrier only.  Mounted on 3 axle carrier, (2) 450 hp Cat electronic inline diesel engine, 5860 Alliston transmission, 117’ x 300,000# mast, racking board.  Being rebuilt and redesigned to make a skid package rig for offshore well servicing and shallow drilling.  Price:  $325,000






8 Un-propelled LNG barges – 6 manufactured 1992, 2 manufactured 1996, 2 manufactured 1997

Cargo capacity:  2040 cbm

Gross tonnage – approx. 1,520

Dimensions:  77.8 loa x 11.55 breadth, 4.2 meters depth

.80 meter min draft, 1.85 meters max draft

Distance tanks  hull .80 meters

6 cargo tanks type “C” – Rina pressurized vessels

Min service temperature - (minus) 10 degrees max

Service temperature + (plus) 40 degrees max

Service pressure 12.8 bar g

Carried products max density .544

Products:  Propane, butane, propane/butane mix

(4) Tug Boats – Pusher – 3 built 1992, 1 built 1998

26.5 loa x 11.0 beam x 2.55 meters depth

290 Gross Tons, (2) Deutz TBN 604 BV8 each 750kw@1600 rpm (total 2,000 bhp)

6 miles navigation limit, fire fighting capability, accommodates 4 persons

Located Europe - dockside

PRICE EACH:  $1,500,000